Visit us in Olathe.

Hello again everyone-

If you read my last blog post, you heard that we’ve moved into our new corporate headquarters and we’re settling in nicely. Here’s a quick shot of the front lobby and customer check in desk.

New Lobby

What you don’t see is the customer waiting room off to the right and the shopping center for our sister company, Mission Survivor, in an additional room as well.

I’ve caught a few employees already hanging out in the customer waiting room 😉 I needed to remind them that they are NOT customers and the employee breakroom is where they need to be! It’s a nice upgrade from the last “waiting room” that we had, I hope that you appreciate it when you stop by.

Speaking of stopping by – we have had a line in the front office since we launched our last newsletter. Thank you for the response and I hope our the new look of Mission Repair is exactly what you were looking for!

Can you tell that I’m excited about our new building? Ok, I know – “get back to work Ryan”.

Will do.

Thanks, Ryan

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