Expanding our business hours for you!

Hello my friends and family-

After 6 years of being in business, we are expanding our hours so that you don’t need to rush to get here right after work during the week. In fact, until yesterday, my technical staff also went home at 5 pm every day…


This is in response the the numerous requests from our customers that tend to work during the day and then would appreciate a little time after work to be able to call or visit our location to have their iPhone repaired for example 😉

What about the technicians? Yes, they will be here too until 7pm each night so we will have the ability to work on your devices for hours longer than normal, as we are going to mitigate and try to eliminate the need to leave your device at our location overnight. Express Service is how we are modeling ourselves and here’s the first step in the right direction.

I’ve said it before…sleep is for the weak 😉

Speaking of “weak” have a great “weekend” and I’ll be back on Monday with a few more announcements.

Best, Ryan

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