What a fun ride into work this morning!

Hello friends,

It’s a gorgeous day here in Kansas City- I mean, I don’t think that people that drive around for a living appreciate it as much as I did, but my drive into work was fun and relaxing. In fact, I took a few backroads to work where the snow was fresh and powdery. It was like I was in my own world…I opted to take the Mission Survivor vehicle, our tricked out Land Cruiser with 4 wheel drive and lockers, which makes it nearly impossible to get stuck in the snow. It’s a comfort that’s for sure – even though the snow wasn’t terribly deep. It was just a great sight to see.


So I stopped, jumped out and took a few pics. Half of me wants to take the day off and play “off-roading-man”, the other half knows that I needed to be at work. So here I am, at work!!

I’m going to post a special on any repair service today and tomorrow- 15% off any and all repairs on the Mission Repair website in honor of the amazing morning that I’ve had so far. Use coupon code “powder” when checking out to get your 15% off today and tomorrow, that’s 15% off February 5th and 6th, 2014 on any repair. I hope it helps you out!

Have a great morning, Ryan

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