What a day – Jack frost is nipping at my nose.

Good evening friends,

I know that we already talked about it earlier in the day, but the weather in Kansas City was a bit troubling for us. We had a call for about 8″ of snow today and we got it.

For those of you that don’t live in snow states, this might be a strange concept for you. For those of us that live in the Midwest, it’s typically not a problem…but it does create some hassles.

Applebee's closed due to weather today?  Come on!

Applebee’s closed due to weather today? Come on!

For example, flights from KCI (Kansas City Airport) were cancelled tonight, which included the FedEx planes that are carrying all of the repairs that we shipped today. So trying as hard as we did- we got things in and out, pretested, repaired and quality controlled for shipping; devices just won’t reach their destinations tomorrow as planned.

Additionally, as the roads become slower when traveling around the city, we need to plan for a few extra minutes of driving time when we are due to arrive somewhere. I had a business meeting today, I was a little late, but we’re all in the together so these things are typically acceptable.

Applebees closed. This was the big bummer. I guess they felt it necessary to close their restaurant early to let their employees go home. I had to go the Chipotle instead for a burrito!

All in all, the weather just makes for a bit of hassle for all of us, but we need it. It can’t always be beautiful outside can it?

Well, for whatever problems the weather in our area caused for you, I hope your travels were safe and sound. I’m home now, smelling the awesome crockpot of Santa Fe Chicken with cilantro rice that Dandra has cooking.

Cilantro rice? Darn, I went to Chipotle for lunch, had a burrito bowl with cilantro rice in it. Oh well, I won’t tell Dandra that little tidbit, give her accolades for her version of the tasty rice and eat it with a smile. Thanks Old Man Winter; if it wasn’t for you I would have had a chicken strip platter for lunch 😉

Take care, Mission Repair will be open in the morning as usual and I’ll be there. Good night.


Adopt An iPad?

Hello M:R Nation –

Our marketing department comes up with some pretty clever stuff. Some of the ideas come to fruition and some never see the light of day. Something interesting that came across my desk recently was a play on pet adoption. Instead of a cute puppy or hamster, it utilizes iPads and other devices that we see abandoned here at our Kansas City location. While we might still use this idea, I though it was cute enough to share to our over 800,000 unique blog readers (shameless boast). Here is our “Adopt a device” program in its infancy:

Meet our iPad Mini!

This scuffed up guy once enjoyed playing angry birds, watching netflix and surfin’ the net for new restaurants in the KC area. After being dropped, resulting in a cracked screen this iPad Mini’s owner decided to replace him instead of repairing. This neglected tablet is looking for a forever home and a new LCD Screen! Adopt this iPad Mini and take it home for only $150. (Adoption fee includes new LCD screen and repair costs by our certified technicians!)


Our plan here is to take unwanted devices and offer to you for free and all you would pay is the price that it would be to repair the device. While this sounds like a great idea to us, we would like to test this with our readers. Our goal is to keep these devices out of the land fills and get them out of our building to be completely honest. So what do you think? Would you adopt a device? You have a chance for a low cost device that will last you years to come!

Take a moment and let me know what you think via the above poll.

Cheers, Troy


The Black Hole, circa 1979.

Hi friends,

After reading Troy’s post about the lovable robot “Johnny 5“, I had a thought on robots myself.

So this will date me a little bit – but I saw this movie as a kid in the theater! Sitting there with my dad and a big tub of popcorn, The Black Hole scared and dazzled me at the same time. This was amongst the many science fiction movies of the time, but by today’s standards it’s outdated and just funny to watch. My favorite character was V.I.N.CENT, the loveable flying robot that floated and had laser guns mounted on each side of him for defense. Do you remember this guy?


Vincent would “protect” the humans in the movie, and would also take on attackers and would even get damaged. Google image search “damaged black hole vincent robot” and you’ll see him bashed up with quirky eyes and smashed metal. It’s pretty great.

Fast forward to 2013 – and another awesome movie is released, Oblivion. Yes, another science fiction movie that has a lot of new premise and storytelling; except that I immediately noticed that “V.I.N.CENT” had been upgraded. The “drones” in this movie also protect the human race and additionally would take fire and end up in poor condition (in fact, that was the main character’s job- to repair the drones). I was happy to see a lot of new effects and “space” stuff, but take a look at the drone:


It is just me, or are they similar? Yes, the Oblivion drone is sleeker and modern. It’s eyes are not “cartoony”. However too close for me to say “wow look at that new idea”. Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed.

Maybe this isn’t a revelation, but what do you think? Are filmmakers out of ideas for science fiction sidekicks?

Take care, Ryan

iPhone 5 Is Alive!

Hello M:R Nation –

Do you remember the movie “Short Circuit”? You know, that curious robot that glides around yelling “need more input” and “no disassemble”!  Yeah, now you remember. I was discussing movie robots the other day with a friend (please don’t judge me) and the topic of how do we find and purchase replicas of our favorite childhood robots came up. After much discussion, eBay came to mind and this is all I could find:

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.38.44 AMA naturally grown Johnny #5. No, I am not kidding you. This bad boy will only set you back $60.00 and once you are done with, just throw it in your yard and it will naturally decompose 🙂 . I guess the search will go on…

How does this have anything to do with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C repair? Well, after watching “Short Circuit” again, I realized that Johnny #5 and our customers say some of the same phrases:


When you hear the name of the new iPhone: Number 5 stupid name… want to be Kevin or Dave!

When you see your iPhone turn on for the first time after purchasing: Oooooo! Beautiful. Light bulb.

When looking at broken glass: Many fragments. Some large, some small.

When your touch screen fails:  Malfunction. Need input.


When you bring your iPhone in for repair: No disassemble Number Five!

After Mission Repair repairs it: Number 5 is alive!

Ok, so I might be having a little too much fun with this… so on to my main point. Mission Repair is here for you for any of your iPhone 5 repair needs! That includes the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S as well! We are capable of repairing any issue that you may have and will have it back into your hands, REASSEMBLED in no time!

If you have any questions or just want to talk about robots from the 80s, give us a call @ 866-638-8402 and lets chat!

Cheers, Troy



It’s Just A Little Bit Of Snow…Gulp!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s seems like a winter storm in February is the new norm. Last year we experienced 2 storms that netted 12″ of accumulation each and today, we are in the middle of a storm that will net about 10″. while we are used to this kind of weather here in Kansas City, it sometimes makes things very difficult to manage…like driving for example!


Just the beginning!

Despite this minor setback, Mission:Repair IS open today for our regular business hours to serve the brave Kansas City walk-ins and everyone across the nation that is experiencing weather that we can only dream of at the moment! So give us a call if you want to take advantage of our newest iPad 2 “Deal Of The Month” or need any other service that Mission Repair offers!

Cheers, Troy