“Mission Repair Express” Announced!

Hello friends, it’s an exciting time.

After months of discussion, looking at countless locations, then picking the right spot- Mission Repair is happy to announce our very first “Mission Repair Express” location. My graphics team is currently creating the new logo and look for our very first retail location that’s due to open on April 7th, 2014! Here’s a quick shot of one of the several mockups – revisions are happening almost minute to minute, so the final look might be much different:


This is tentative as we are still in the final creative stages with the logo, looks and interior of the building. The best part is that this new location will be North of our current location – closer to Kansas City – to help the ease of the drive when we receive walk in customers from 30 minutes away or more. The new location will be located in Mission, Kansas (how cool is that!?!) and will be just off of the main highway here in the metro area, I35.

I am so excited about this new location that I’ll be personally involved in every step if the way including installing the fixtures and even painting (if necessary!).

We will have a “while you wait” program, a complete accessory store, and a whole lot more from a company that you’ve come to expect nothing but amazing things 😉 We are innovating a new program that we will announce with this opening as well. Need a vanilla latte while you wait for your iPad to be repaired? No problem!

Question: What items will we service at Mission Repair Express?
Answer: iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Computers (Mac and PC) Tablets and Gaming Systems.

Question: Will there be a grand opening celebration?
Answer: Yes! Once the paint has dried, the floors have been laid, and the inventory has been put into place, we will have a grand opening celebration with several specials and incentives. Sign Up For Our Newsletter to be the First to Know!

Question: Will we be hiring for this new location?
Answer: You bet! We are looking for several full and part time employees to fill positions…we will be open 7 days a week..so there are several positions that need to be interviewed for and filled. More coming soon for those of you that might be looking to help expand this fun and exciting business.

Question: What will happen to your Olathe headquarters location?
Answer: Thanks for asking! In fact, we signed a lease to expand our home office as well…so in reality we are growing and opening both sites at the same time. I don’t need the sleep, I’ll do that later 😉 Shortly, when you visit our Olathe location you’ll find a front office doubled in size with a comfortable customer waiting area and new repair offerings. Things are really moving around here!

Speaking of exciting, I am truly ecstatic about the location, storefront and expansion of the business. Remember, we’re doing this so our customers will find getting their device easier than ever to repair…not because I need more stress in my life by opening another location, trust me 😉

What’s next? Stay tuned. We just signed the agreement today for the location; there’s a lot of work to be done, and we’ll document each step of the way for you to see the transformation into amazing greatness. Well, I’m expecting greatness anyway 😉

Thanks for your readership, I appreciate it. Talk to you again soon.


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