Live beer and cold bait!

Hello friends- I just had to post this up for the fun of it. We live in the Midwest, and there are a lot of small towns and rural areas if you drive in between the bigger cities, and most of these are sleepy farming communities that have been around for a long time.

Case in point, we were traveling around Branson, Missouri lately and stopped to get gas. This gas station also proudly sold fishing bait, and adult beverages. You can see their advertising here, I took this picture from my iPhone while I was pumping gas:


So, I read it once and it “read” perfectly. Until I read it again and noticed a slight mix up. They aren’t selling “live” beer are they?

Well it goes to show you that a simple “typo” can make a mess. I thought it was funny and even considered that the business owner did this on purpose, but after looking around at the quality of the establishment I concluded that this wasn’t a deliberate mistake. It was just a mistake.

This brings me to my point: I own and operate Mission Repair. I typically strive for perfection in my advertising, and any tongue and cheek “slip ups” like this would be obviously deliberate if I made them – I mean, it would be part of a campaign to actually try to be funny! If you’re ever going over our website and see an obvious typo, mistake or contradiction, please email us. While we try to be perfect, I’ll be the first to admit that we are not. We are human beings doing our best! Send an email with any corrections to our webmaster and we’ll get on the changes asap.

Another small typo that I remember was when I lived in Hawaii. I don’t have a picture, but a road crew was painting “yield” on the street, except it was spelled “yeild”. Yeah, I know that wasn’t deliberate either 😉

Let us know! Have a good day. Ryan

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