iPhone Repair @ Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

I wanted to post a quick reminder about our iPhone price drop! We have had some very excited customers in the last week enjoy these brand new prices and I want to make sure that these prices reach as many eyes as possible. If you have been gun-shy about finally having your iPhone repaired, please take a look at these awesome prices before you decide to continue living with that awful crack!

iPhone 5S: Was $299 Now $209!

iPhone 5C: Was $229 Now $209!

iPhone 5: Was $134 Now $109!

iPhone 4S: Was $89 Now $69!

iPhone 4: Was $89 Now $69!

These prices are fixed and will not be raising anytime soon, so there is time to get that iPhone repaired, but why wait? From personal experience I know how annoying it is to limp along with an iPhone that can cause bodily harm at any moment. So please, give us a ring at 866-638-8402 and let us get you fixed up!

Cheers, Troy


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