I Cracked My iPod Touch 5 Glass!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s hard to keep track of all the devices that Apple has come out with. We here the question “what iPod Touch do I have” all of the time and we understand why, they all look an awful a lot alike! So before going into my spiel about the Touch 5 Screen repair service, lets identify if you in fact have an iPod Touch 5 .

The 5th Generation iPod Touch has features that no other iPod touch has. For starters, it is the first iPod to come in multiple color choices. So if your iPod has a black, white, pink, yellow, blue, or red back casing, you do in fact have a 5th generation iPod Touch! some other key features that are unique to the iPod Touch 5 are the lightning charging port, camera flash, retina display and spring loaded “iPod loop system”. If see any of these features on your touch, you can be sure that you have a 5!



Hands down our most popular repair for this beautiful device is our screen repair service. With all the attention that screen gets from your fingers, its not hard to understand why the screen cracks. That’s not to say that it’s not surprising when it does! It’s not a fun thing to experience, but let me tell you, not all is lost! Mission Repair specializes in 5th Generation iPod Touch Repairs and we are just what you need to get your affairs back in order!

Our services not only include a brand new screen installed by one of our professionally trained technicians, it also comes with a 1 year warranty and our industry only Got Repair benefit! We have made it easy for you to no longer stare at broken shards of glass! so come on by, call in or visit www.missionrepair.com to get your repair started today!


Problem Solving 101

Hello M:R Nation –

Every few months, the Mission Repair staff takes a couple of hours out of our evening and meet up and discuss the ongoings of the business. During these meetings we talk about a lot of boring stuff, but if gets really good when we get around to the “Get to know you/ learn a lesson” portion of the night. We will go around the table and discuss something about ourselves and the format of that discussion changes every time we meet. Even more interesting are the lessons!

This meeting, we had an emphasis on problem solving. Every business and person for that matter has problems. From the smallest of small to the largest of large, every problem can be solved, it’s how you go by solving that problem that defines your success. The last thing you want to do is cause 99 more just to solve that one in front of you at the present time.

We find that what works for us here at Mission Repair is to get together and take the time to communicate and work as a team to solve the problems that we might have in front of us and we often find that the solution is SIMPLE. We have had much success in solving our issues this way and with every new employee we hire, we find it important to pound this into their minds :-)! To make this point, we used a very simple activity and a few volunteers.

IMG_0560 1

In the image above, you see technician extraordinaire Matt and shipping guru Derrick with their hands intertwined together with a piece of string. The challenge was simple: First – try to free yourselves without talking to each other and taking your hands our of the string cuffs. As you can tell in the image, Matt was reduced to tebowing and Derrick was just lost. So now on to the second part of the challenge: take some, talk about this and try to free yourself. Guess what, they figured it out and freed themselves without a hitch! Ok, so this might be a silly way to get a point across, but it was effective.

So that is just a peek of what is going on here at Mission Repair. I really enjoy these kinds of meetings and recommend it to any business owner or manager.

Make sure to keep reading these post to follow all the ongoings here at Mission Repair. We are making changes everyday and love to share these changes right here! Remember, we are here for you and your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop repair needs!

Cheers, Troy