Kindle Fire – “No Charge”.

Hello friends, I can’t tell you how big this service has been for us and how valuable it has been for our customers.

It’s obvious that the Kindle Fire simply has a “weak” charging port, and clearly these units start to fail after a certain amount of cable insertions into the micro USB port on the bottom of the Kindle Fire.


Please use care when charging your Kindle Fire, and most importantly, remember to be gentle with the cable end as you insert it into the port, and don’t “wiggle” the cable after it’s plugged into the machine. I personally think that we are seeing a lot of failures on these because customers may be moving their units after they are plugged in. Maybe even moving the unit by the cable? My advice would be to plug it in GENTLY; then set the unit down in a safe spot and let it charge undisturbed.

With this in mind, you still may see the dreaded “charging port” issue arise, and when it does, just give us a call at 866-638-8402 or order online here. We will fix your device for under $50 and keep the life going on your unit.

Take care, Ryan

So You Think You Can Tech?

Hello M:R Nation –

Being in this business, we receive a lot of calls from folks that want to try repairing their own devices. These folks are a certain breed that look at a challenge like repairing an iPod touch 4 screen and face it head on. While I can’t lie and tell you that every customer has a success story to tell, I can tell you that we are often surprised by the work some of you are able to complete with a little gumption and youtube.

While our main focus is offering repair services, we also like to oblige to the small percentage of DIY’ers out there. We not only offer replacement parts, but we sell the tools needed to complete the job at hand. Some of our favorite tools are manufactured by WIHA and we use these bad boys on a daily basis!

Today, I want to highlight one of our most used tool sets on the tech line which happens to be the  Wiha 26190 7 Piece Precision Slotted & Phillips Set


This set is a standard for the budding technician. It includes slotted 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm and phillips #00, #0, #1 .These sizes of precision tools are a great place to start if you are wanting to create a selection of quality tools that will last you for a life time! Here are a few more tidbits about these drivers:

  • Rotating caps for precise turning and control with fingertip
  •  Precision handles – high quality plastic, cadmium free
  • Molded on tapered handles allow rapid rotation
  • High performance blades – CVM steel, hard chrome finished
  • Tips – precision ground for exact fit, hard chromed non-slip surface

So if you are a DIY’er or know someone that would really benefit from these great tools, you have found a great starting point with this 7 piece set! You can order this right here at Mission Repair and have it in your hands, ready to turn screws in no time!

Edit: Or should I say, “AWESOME EDIT”! This just in, WIHA is offering a great deal until April on this tool set! When you order the 7-Piece set, you will receive a free pair of pliers! See the image of what you will receive below:


Cheers, Troy

Another Price Drop: iPod Touch 4 and 5 Screen Repairs!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

If you read my last blog post, you know what I’m about to do here… I won’t make you read a three paragraph explanation of why we are dropping these prices, I will just in-fact drop them right here and now!


Here are the new prices:

iPod Touch 4: Was $69 Now $49

iPod Touch 5: Was $199 Now$159

As you can see, we are not messing around today! We mean serious business when we drop prices and we hope this will motivate you to finally fix that iPod Touch 4 or iPod Touch 5!

Cheers, Troy

Surf’s up! Get your snow gear on.

Aloha friends,

There’s some interesting weather happening around the country at the moment. Let’s take the weather in Spring Hill, Kansas for example. It’s cold this morning in my home town – in fact, so cold I have my thermostat set at 69 degrees, but it is only 66 degrees in the house. Apparently my furnace can’t keep up! We just aren’t built for this kind of cold I guess. It’s almost lunchtime and only 3 degrees outside; with windchill it’s -15. That’s cold enough to close a few schools in the area…the east coast is covered in snow as well.

I was talking to a friend of mine in Hawaii (did you know that I lived on Maui for a couple of years?) and she said that the waves are crashing in the north shores of all the islands. This is attracting surfers from everywhere to get in on the action!

Here’s a pic from yesterday afternoon of a 40 foot wave courtesy of @aloharoyale:


Supposedly this is the biggest surf in over a decade. That’s exciting for some, but even when I lived there, and I was in the best shape of my life, and I swam every day, I would never tackle surf like this. Maybe I’m just not built for it…but I’ve been in 10 foot surf which is HUGE. 40 feet just spells doom for a guy like me!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be sitting on the beach watching this 40 foot anomaly, but alass, I’m in my office clapping away at the keyboard. Oh well, there will be time for vacation fun soon, today I just need to plan on staying warm if I can so that’s what I’m going to focus on!

What to do? It’s given me some great ideas on a few minor changes to our Mission Repair website and some pricing that was due to change. So starting today, you’ll see a wave of markdowns on a few key services and repairs (Samsung Galaxy SIII glass repair for example) so Troy and I will post those price changes today.

Stay tuned…stay warm, or if you’re in Hawaii, stay dry.

Take care, Ryan

Price Drop: iPhone Screen Repairs!

Hello M:R Nation –

Last week, I mentioned some things will be changing at Mission Repair! Today is the right day to announce the next set of changed. This change is better for all of us, especially iPhone users!

Last night, I called a meeting with our parts department, technician supervisor, sales team and customer service supervisor to discuss our iPhone screen repair services. The discussion went something like this: “For the last 2 months, our iPhone screen repair services have been our #1 seller! Which means we have been making our vendors VERY happy. What happens when a vendor is happy? They give us better prices!”

When we obtain better pricing, my first reaction is to always hand that savings off to the customer. But I called this meeting to test the culture of our staff and see if their mindset is the same as mine. This would obviously reflect poorly on me if I didn’t get the answer that I was hoping for. So I put it to a vote. Do we pass this savings onto our awesome customers or do we decide to change our policy and profit that extra savings? With a show of hands, 1,2,3,4,5,6 &7 – everyone voted to pass this savings onto our customers! I am very proud of our team. While I did have a little doubt in my mind of what would happen and I always have the ability to veto, they made the right choice and certainly have the Mission Repair culture in them!

Another Mission Repair price drop!

Another Mission Repair price drop!

So, lets talk about the price drops now…

Today, we are lowering prices on the majority of our iPhone screen repair services! No need to rub your eyes, you really did read that correctly! With our newest vendor discounts and the fortitude of our team, we are able to give you some pretty hefty discounts and here they are!

iPhone 5S: Was $299 Now $209!

iPhone 5C: Was $229 Now $209!

iPhone 5: Was $134 Now $109!

iPhone 4S: Was $89 Now $69!

iPhone 4: Was $89 Now $69!

These are some of the largest price drops that we have done and we are excited to save you some cash! We have given you even more reason to repair that broken iPhone and not replace/junk it!

These prices are available starting today and are here to stay forever… or at least until the next vendor price decrease! So it’s time people to finally get that iPhone repaired. I say do away with the glass shards and embarrassing looks that your iPhone produces and let Mission:Repair install brand new life into your phone!

Cheers, Troy