My Kindle Fire Won’t Charge!

Hello M:R Nation –

This is a picture of a Kindle Fire Charging port repair service in action:


This little fella has been the cause of a lot of heart ache for many people. Once the solder points break loose and the battery drains, it is the end of the road for this beautiful tablet. That was until Mission Repair came to town!, we announced the our Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Service last year and it has been on fire ever since!

We open your beloved Kindle FIre, take out your old, broken micro usb port and replace it with a brand new one! But wait, we take this one step further… Once we open your Kindle and complete the repair, we take one extra step to reinforce your charging port so it is less likely for the same issue to occur again. I won’t go into detail of how we reinforce it (trade secrets my dear friends), but just know we do it for the benefit of you, our loyal customer!

Once we have the charging port replaced and reinforced, we put it through a thorough QA test and get it shipped back to its owner. It is just that easy! So if you find yourself in need of this or any other service, email us at and we will be happy to get you back on your feet again!

Cheers, Troy


Cracked iPad Screen?

Hello M:R Nation –

The iPad 2 remains to be one our top sellers here at Mission Repair! Yes, after all of these years, the iPad 2 remains supreme. We actually have a dedicated team of iPad 2 repair technicians that eat, sleep and breath the iPad 2. This is the same team that repairs our iPad Minis, iPad Airs and iPad Mini With Retina. They welcome the challenge of the never ending flow of iPads and do a great job!

Why are there so many iPad 2 repairs? I think the question should actually be: Why are there still so many iPad 2s in general? The answer is simple…There is no “I gotta have it” difference between the iPad  2 and it’s two successors.When my 4 year old son cracked the screen on “his” iPad 2, I seriously considered buying “The iPad With Retina Display”. After going to the Apple store and taking it for a test drive, I really didn’t notice a difference. In fact, there was no difference at all. Now I understand the speed increases generated by the successors and the lightning charger that matches my iPhone 5, but it was and is not enough of a difference for me to replace the whole thing. So I decided to go the repair route.


p.s. – To get started on your very own iPad 2 glass repair, you can click here: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – Black or here: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – White

Cheers, Troy