What are you doing Sunday? We have a pigskin special you might want to read about.

Hello Mission Repair friends-

We’ve been in the news lately and even on NBC new last week. If you haven’t heard, Mission Repair (and businesses like Mission Repair) are offering safe and convenient repairs for your trusty hand held electronics (like iPads and tablets) and have been doing so for many years.

Did you stock up on Velveeta for this weekend?

Did you stock up on Velveeta for this weekend?

In fact, 2014 will start our 7th year in business…and the 2014 Superbowl is just right around the corner!

This weekend represents a couple of amazing football games. First, we’ve got the New England Patriots playing against the Denver Broncos at 3:00pm est. Brady vs. Manning; this ought to be a great game. Then immediately thereafter, we’ve got the San Francisco 49ers playing against the Seattle Seahawks at 6:30 est. Kaepernick vs. Wilson. Not to be outdone by the earlier game, this matchup promises to be equally as exciting!

If you watch football at all, you’re likely finding yourself already making predictions and leaning toward who you think will be in the Superbowl in February, even if your team has already been eliminated from the playoffs.

If you don’t watch football at all- that’s ok. Just take a glimpse of a game and pick the team that has your favorite colors – because that probably has more bearing on the outcome of these games that anything else. You get what I’m saying? It’s all up in the air and anything can happen!

Here’s what I’m going to do. Do yourself a favor and watch these games. It’s only two – or at least watch the highlights of the games. Whichever of these teams scores the most touchdowns…I’ll give 5% off of your new repair order for each touchdown.

So, let’s make this clear: I don’t care who wins or when. But out of these 4 teams, whichever team scores the most touchdowns (extra points, field goals, safety’s are not included) I’m talking the team with the most 6 POINT TOUCHDOWNS we will extend 5% off for each. For example, if the Denver Broncos score 7 touchdowns this weekend, we will offer 35% off of any repair on Monday.

So here’s the catch: watch the games and find out which team scored the most touchdowns this weekend. Then call us between 8am and 6pm central standard time on Monday January 20th, 2014 and ask for the FOOTBALL SPECIAL. This offer is valid ONLY ON NEW PHONE ORDERS MONDAY JANUARY 20TH, 2014. If you call before or after our operating hours on Monday, the special will be over! Additionally, you won’t be able to combine this special with any other offer. I mean, I’m really putting myself out on a limb here. 7 touchdowns is NOT out of the realm of any of these teams!! Denver has already done that in the regular season…so it’s completely possible.


What happens if there’s a tie between two teams? Will you be able to double your savings? No, but that would be interesting 😉

This is a potential boatload of money savings for you, and a great time to get that iPhone or iPod repaired. Hut, hut, hike!

Have a great weekend, we’ll be talking on Monday for sure.

Best, Ryan

iPad Mini Repairs Aplenty at Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

The iPad Mini is one of our favorites here at Mission Repair and I think this is old news by now. We have gushed about the design, usability and perfect size for years now and its just something that we can’t control. When something is this good, it’s hard to keep our admiration hide!

With this, you can imagine how we feel when we see one of these perfect little devices in a state of disrepair. I liken it to witnessing a brand new Lamborghini rear ended. It just shouldn’t happen! Luckily, we have the ability to do something about this. After much training and hard work over the last couple of years, Mission Repair can repair any issue that you might have with your iPad Mini.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 12.14.48 PM

As you can see, we have a pretty large list of services that we can perform for your iPad Mini. So if you find yourself in need of one of the above services, please don’t hesitate to call 866-638-8402 or email sales@missionrepair.com if you have any questions!

p.s. I understand that the Lamborghini reference in this post might be offensive to you Lambo owners, so I apologize if you have been recently rear ended. I lament with you!

Cheers, Troy

Signature Required? It’s Now Your Choice!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have many changes coming in 2014 and one of those changes starts today! For years, we have made it a requirement to have you or someone at your location, sign for the repair or product that we shipped out to you. While this was done with the protection of your package in mind, not everyone needed or wanted this requirement.

Since we are all about choice here at Mission Repair, we decided to listen to our customers and finally give you this choice! Of course, it has always been a choice, but we would require you to call in and specifically require this change. We found that many customers didn’t really want the signature, but took it anyway to save time from calling us!

Signature is now an option!

We now have this option right on the Mission Repair website! When you go to add that iPad Mini or iPhone 4S to your cart, you will see multiple options, after you choose your inbound and outbound shipment choices, you will see the signature option. You now have a “NO” and a “YES” choice.  By choosing “NO”, you agree to take responsibility for any packages left on your doorstep.  Once the delivery driver leaves a package at your location, no “lost” or “damage” claims can be filed or paid. By choosing “YES”, your delivery will be sent with a signature requirement and must be signed for before delivery of your package can be fulfilled.

While we have very little issues with packages not making it to their final destinations, you can never be too sure when shipping with any carrier. You know your location, so you are the best person to make this choice, not us.

So with that, please say hello to the first of many changes (for the better) here at Mission Repair in 2014! We will continue to update you with all of the changes made and are happy to say that it is going to be a great year!

Cheers, Troy