There’s a lot of talk about the LG Flex phone.

Hi again friends, I guess I have a lot to say today! Another quick blog post because we have had a few questions come over about the newly released LG Flex Smartphone. Have you seen it? It’s the world’s first smartphone that sport an OLED curved-display, that bends vertically.


Taking its cues from the flagship LG G2, the G Flex features rear-buttons but comes loaded with a 6-inch display. It runs LG’s Android 4.2.2 instead of 4.3 and has its own LG skin called Optimus 3.0. Software tweaks include the KnockOn function (wake the handset by tapping on the touchscreen twice), and Q Theatre, which lets you photos and videos from the lockscreen. It’s also touting a “durable” screen that can bend. That’s awesome! But it will crack if dropped on a hard surface.

That’s why we are making preparations now. We have added the LG Flex phone to our line of repairs on our website and soon we will service the LG Flex as you’d expect. What about the Samsung Galaxy Round? Don’t worry – those are coming soon as well!

So with all this talk about these new curved phones rest assured that Mission Repair will take it’s place in the repair lineup market…first with these services.

Take care, Ryan

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