iPhone 4S Screens Repairs – on sale!

Hello shoppers-

I’m back with a final blog of the evening announcing our lowest price to date on iPhone 4S screen repairs -black or white, it’s your choice. In fact, if you’re so inclined, you can have your cracked black screen swapped for a white one and vice versa if you’re so inclined! Why not? It might be time for a change anyway!

Call us now for the deal of a lifetime! 866-638-8402.

Call us now for the deal of a lifetime! 866-638-8402.

We’ve got a HUGE supply of iPhone 4S screens in our warehouse and I’d like to blow them out. My techs are going to love me for this one- but right now until Sunday of the week, you can have your iPhone 4S screen repaired for only $59. That’s $30 off our normal price and again if you get your order in before Sunday January 19th, 2014 you can use the following coupon codes to redeem this amazing offer:

  • For a black screen replacement click here and use coupon code “yes4s” when you checkout to receive your $30 credit.
  • For a white screen replacement click here and use coupon code “yes4s” when you checkout to receive your $30 credit.
  • Remember to order now and save big. This is an “exploding” offer and come Monday normal prices will be back to…well…normal.

    Thanks everyone, have a great night.


    Motorola Ultra XT Repairs- not just a fantasy.

    Greetings again friends-

    Is your Motorola Ultra XT screen cracked? If so, we sympathize. This phone is new to the market (released in July of last year) and still commands a hefty price if you’re going to replace it in the open market. I’ve seen these phones going for almost $600 on eBay. Yikes, that’s not a good option if your intent is to replace a broken phone – because we can fix it for less!

    Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 6.00.14 PM

    Now, I’m not going to sugar coat the situation – these parts are very expensive for us to obtain and therefore the screen repair is a bit more costly than a typical “smartphone”. But this screen is HUGE and is hard to come by…but not impossible.

    As time progresses, like any typical scenario, our parts costs drive down as we place larger orders. So I would expect this repair price to drop dramatically as time passes.

    However just remember- you don’t need to resort to bidding for a used phone on eBay just to get a complete and “non-cracked” screen. We will most certainly take care of you!

    Let us know if we can help.

    Take care, Ryan

    There’s a lot of talk about the LG Flex phone.

    Hi again friends, I guess I have a lot to say today! Another quick blog post because we have had a few questions come over about the newly released LG Flex Smartphone. Have you seen it? It’s the world’s first smartphone that sport an OLED curved-display, that bends vertically.


    Taking its cues from the flagship LG G2, the G Flex features rear-buttons but comes loaded with a 6-inch display. It runs LG’s Android 4.2.2 instead of 4.3 and has its own LG skin called Optimus 3.0. Software tweaks include the KnockOn function (wake the handset by tapping on the touchscreen twice), and Q Theatre, which lets you photos and videos from the lockscreen. It’s also touting a “durable” screen that can bend. That’s awesome! But it will crack if dropped on a hard surface.

    That’s why we are making preparations now. We have added the LG Flex phone to our line of repairs on our website and soon we will service the LG Flex as you’d expect. What about the Samsung Galaxy Round? Don’t worry – those are coming soon as well!

    So with all this talk about these new curved phones rest assured that Mission Repair will take it’s place in the repair lineup market…first with these services.

    Take care, Ryan

    It’s not a magic trick, it’s the Samsung Illusion glass repair. Magically.

    Hello all-

    Don’t laugh at me – but I like magic. It’s true. I have a few tricks that I save at the house for when the nieces come over, and I like showing them some “illusions” when I can. It makes them feel like their uncle is truly “magical”. I’ll take it 😉

    Well, what we do at Mission Repair is not magic. There’s no “string attached to a rubber band that flips the coin” etc. In fact, all of our services and repairs are based in reality! No illusions here except for our next service release on the Samsung Illusion. Screen repairs are just $89 installed for a BRAND NEW SCREEN and LABOR!


    OK, don’t stare at that picture for too long- it almost sent me into shock. A little “tweaky” on the eyes!

    So if you know anyone that has an issue with their Samsung Illusion Smartphone – you can send them our way. We can take care of business, without a magic wand.

    Thanks friends, take care, Ryan

    Approaching 13,000 Blog followers. Thank you.

    Hello again friends-

    I just noticed that we are approaching 13,000 different blog followers (that means that you get copies of my blog sent directly to your email inbox!)

    Just look to the right of this post and find the subscription box:

    Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 4.09.24 PM

    Once you sign up, you’ll see:

    Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 4.05.43 PM

    I’ve been writing this blog for a while- in fact, we’ll be entering our 7th year of blog.missionrepair.com blogging in 2014. I’ve always tried to connect with you here and if there’s anything that you’d like to see me write in the blog, just let me know! Send a comment below and we’ll chat. If I like your topic, I’ll blog about it and give you all the credit 😉

    In any case, if you’re one of my subscribers, I sincerely appreciate your readership and I’ll continue to add new and interesting posts when my writers block doesn’t shut me down *temporarily*.

    Speaking of writers block, did you know that I published a book in 2013? We are hitting some record sales numbers for an “Arter” publication. I can confidently say that because I am the only author in the Arter family at this time! In fact, the book has been selling across the globe with releases in the USA, along with Europe, Canada and even Australia. It’s been a fun ride and wanted to make sure that you knew about it in case is something that might interest you. How to Start a Home Based Computer Repair Business is on sale now!

    Thanks again for reading, I’ll be back soon.