The Chemex!

Hello M:R Nation –

Excuse my non-repair related post here, but here is something you might not now about me… I am a coffee lover, maybe even a coffee obsessor. Some people around the office even say that I am a “Coffee Snob”. While I don’t see how declining to drink the company provided “Folgers” makes me a snob, I guess its to be expected when you make a point to everyone drinking it, how bad it really is.(Ok, so after reading that last sentence, I agree I deserve that title.)

Let me clear something up here. I am not obsessed to the tune of drinking 5-10 cups a day, I am more of 2 cups a day kind of guy. My obsession lies with the coffee tech and coffee economy, if you will. I love to follow the life of the beans from harvest to brew, I enjoy reading reviews of the different beans and most of all, I love trying new brew methods.

Enter the Chemex!


I was introduced to the Chemex by fellow snob and technician extraordinaire Albert. During one of our many coffee related conversations, he mentioned this epic device that he uses to brew his coffee.

The Chemex is actually a brew method that has been around for years, which is the “Pour Over” method, what differs and what makes the Chemex special is the awesome blown glass it served in and the filter. The filter was designed with one thing in mind, eliminating the bitter taste that is caused by over extracting your brew. It allows the ground beans to sit in the water for the perfect amount of time. Keep in mind, your water temperature and the grind of your coffee matter in this equation as well.

After doing my research on this apparatus, I pulled the trigger and received this awesome brewer over the holiday and have been brewing with it every weekend since. It produces by far the best coffee I have ever had. While I won’t bore you the details of the flavor notes and acidity of the brew, I will tell you this, try one cup of coffee brewed with this machine, and you will never go back to your drip brewed Folgers again!

Cheers, Troy



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