So, it was about -30 degrees yesterday. It’s truely causing some issues.

Hello friends,

Negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah. That’s about as bad as it gets. Whats worse is that it’s causing travel delays all around the country. Travel including freight airliners that would normally deliver your packages and repairs from Mission Repair overnight to your location…we are finding that they are taking a day or two extra at this time.

In fact, we only received in a handful of packages today from FedEx, when we normally get in a truckload.


So please be aware when we send something overnight and if it doesn’t get there on time, you can get a refund on the shipping charges. However this doesn’t apply to delays due to weather…so we are all in this together. I hope that you’ve found a nice warm place in your house to cuddle during these cold days and rest assured that when you emerge from your retreat, packages and shipments will be delivered like normal.

Have a great night, Ryan