We had a visitor – and she was amazing!

Hi there friends,

We had an elementary student, Libby, visit Mission Repair from a local school to research a school project. She really wanted to report on “how a touch screen worked” and asked us to help her out.

We had Libby come in for an afternoon (with her Mom!) and work with a couple of technicians and get her hands “dirty” on a few projects. She was very sweet and extremely intelligent. It appeared that she had a ton of fun and learned a lot!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.11.37 PM

For her project, she made a movie presentation that is online and completely awesome if you ask me! Click the picture to watch it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.09.00 PM

I expect that Libby will one day own her very own small business and be mighty successful at it. Mark my words…I’m going to stay in touch with her, I might need a job!

The value of education is unmeasurable. I’m thrilled we could help.

Sincerely, Ryan

We’ll be on NBC tonight!

Hello friends,

There’s no question that the weather in Kansas City is atrocious. Schools were cancelled today because of the extreme cold…not snow, but COLD. With the wind, apparently we are at about a -30 degrees this morning; of course by far the coldest that I’ve ever encountering in my 13 years in this area. Most long term locals are saying that they can’t remember when it was like this EVER in the past, so it’s new to all of us!

It can go away whenever it’s ready. I’m fine with freezing temperatures, but this is just life threatening and not doing us any good.

photo 1

Well with this cold, clearly there are a lot of other “life issues” arising. Our local news team is here at the Mission Repair headquarters interviewing us and asking about how this cold weather can affect your cell phone. Did you know that Apple designates an operating temperature and can void your warranty if you leave your phone in your car? Want to learn more? Just watch the news tonight!

Since I normally take these interviews, I thought it would be a good time to give our General Manager Troy a shot at being on TV this afternoon. That’s right, our very own Troy Harris will be the star of the prime time news tonight on NBC. Don’t worry, if you miss the broadcast, we’ll post it here tomorrow!

Have a great day, I sincerely hope your weather is warmer that it is here today…