The day after Christmas is always interesting.

Hello friends,

Did you get to take any time off for the holidays? While not everyone celebrates Christmas…hopefully you were able to get together with family and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Maybe that time is this upcoming weekend?

We spent some significant time with one another here at Mission Repair – that’s for sure! First, on Saturday the 21st, I hosted a party at my house. Yes, this was a huge “blowout” with catering and a live band – and for sure it was one of the parties that we’re going to talk about for a while.



We are still talking about the “end of the night” hijinks. It was a memorable night! Then on Monday December 23rd, we reserved a “train car” for the Kansas City Mystery Train dinner theater- and all had a blast! The actors run up and down the aisles for 4 courses until someone solves the “whodunnit” mystery.  This time, it was my very own Dandra that cracked the case.  It’s a lot of fun and the group really got into it as several of the employees played supporting roles and did a great job!


So there you have it – just as promised last week – a few select pics from the Mission Repair festivities.  Now we’re back in the office and catching up from being closed for the last two days.  We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we are rejuvenated and rollin here at the Mission Repair Service Lab this morning.  Stay tuned for some more end of the year fun!

Take care, Ryan

Record breaking Saturday…

Hello friends- I wouldn’t have thought it would happen last Saturday- but it did.

We had a line of 25 customers in our lobby- which is a record for us- dropping off repairs and waiting for their iPhones to have cracked screens fixed, presumably before the holiday hit them.

Truthfully, I’d say that our lobby would comfortably fit 6 people at a time, and 10 to be pretty tight. My staff somehow got 25 people in a line that snaked all the way into the tech lab and kept order out of chaos.


With supreme efficiency, they managed all of those customers, got them in place, devices checked in, and our weekend technicians as busy as they have ever been. The phones on the other hand – were, well – out of hand. There were phone calls stacked in the queue so if you were one of customers that had to wait a bit please accept our apologies. We were working as fast as we could and it was just one of those days. We promise to make it up to you!

I do know that one of the reasons it was so packed was because customers were having iPods repaired for loved ones as Christmas presents. How cool is that? We’ve been doing this year after year but it’s becoming more relevant in last year or two. It’s a great way to say “I love you” AND not spend full price to buy a new device…

So remember our holiday hours this year…we are closing early tonight at 4:30 so our employees can get to the second Christmas party that we’re having in Kansas City. And we are closed tomorrow and Wednesday. It’s going to be a fun night! Last week I promised I’d post some pics of the Christmas parties – the comedy will be posted soon!

Happy Holidays, Ryan

DEAL OF THE MONTH (Only 9 Days Left)!

Hello M:R Nation –

This is your weekly reminder of the Mission Repair “Deal Of The Month”! This month we are offering an awesome price on our iPad Mini Glass repair service! For only $119 you can have that pesky broken glass removed and a brand new piece of glass put in its place!

Now, there is only 9 more days to take advantage of this awesome deal, so please act fast!

Broken iPad Mini Glass, cracked ipad mini

Click here: iPad Mini Glass Repair Service – Black if you have a black iPad Mini and here: iPad Mini Glass Repair Service – White for the white version. Add the repair service to your cart and let us take it from there! We will have your iPad Mini repaired and back in your hands in no time!

Cheers, Troy

Come See Us And Save With Our Last Minute Discount !

Hello M:R Nation –

So you will be out this weekend picking up those last few gifts before your family and friends take over your house :-)! With all of this shopping and planning that you have been engulfed in, you have forgot about that broken iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet that you are toting around! We are offering an awesome deal for walk-in customers this weekend that you just can’t beat!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 4.45.56 PM


Come on in to our Olathe location and save 20% off of any service. All you need to do is mention the “Last Minute Discount” and like magic, the total on your repair order will shrink by 20%!

We will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm, so take some time and stop on by!

Cheers, Troy

A little pre-Christmas coffee treat.

Hello friends-

It’s the weekend before a big Christmas week and it’s time for us to have a little fun- so this morning I decided to run to our local Starbucks and I asked Katie to ask if anyone at the office would like a coffee this morning. Here’s the list that she sent me in text, clearly it was too long to even fit on one page!


Just FYI, Neal’s order wasn’t exactly as placed 😉

So I recruited some help (Troy is below as one of my recuited “carry-out” helpers), cleared out the back seat in my truck, and had 3 barista’s slamming out some crafty coffees! It was like a production line and it was a fun thing to watch as they took care of business!


FYI, my order was a “Skinny Peppermint Mocha”. Yeah, that will get me in the holiday spirit! I love those. Truthfully, I like them “regular”, but after Thanksgiving and all of the holiday treats that we’ve had around the office and the house, I’m sure the “skinny” version is more appropriate.

OK, well now that I’ve got some of our employees “amped” up – we’re ready to get to work. We’ve only got 2 more production days until our Christmas break which is much needed!

Happy holidays, and I hope there’s a Carmel Brulee latte in your future!

Take care, Ryan