So, You Received An iPad For Christmas?

Hello M:R Nation and New iPad Owners –

Congratulations on your brand new iPad! Whether this is your very first iPad or a replacement for an older model, you are ecstatic about the technology in your hands! This is a very understandable emotion to have!

Now, what happens if that technology accidentally slips out of your hands? As in, you drop it and damage your brand new gift! This is obviously not something you would like to think about at the moment, but it is an unfortunate reality of iPad ownership :-(. While there are many thoughts on how to prevent damaging your brand new iPad and many folks will go the whole life of their iPad ownership without said damage, I find that more often than not, if you have an iPad in your hands… it will be damaged at some point.

Cracked iPad Glass

My personal experience!

Now, that last statement I made could just be a product of my environment or maybe even my personal experience (3 damaged iPads later) but I think it’s important that you know what can and might just happen to your awesome new gift!

Ok, I think I have drilled the point long enough…but now what? Well, this is where Mission Repair comes in! We have worked for years perfecting the art of iPad Repair and we are well equipped to handle any iPad issue, BIG or small! We are your ally in this war against gravity and while we don’t offer much in the way of a gravity defying case, we are here to clean up the mess and make it right after the battle!

Enough of the analogies? Fair enough, let me give you some actual useful information that I think will be very important to any iPad user moving forward and please feel free to hand this out to your friends.

For starters, here is a direct link to our iPad Repair services: iPad Repair! Next, our contact information. Click here: Mission Repair and save us to your computer, smartphone or even iPad! It will be very useful to have this information close if you do happen to have an unfortunate spill! Lastly, let me give you peace of mind… We understand how nerve wrecking it can be to send your iPad out for repair and can assure you of this, we will treat your iPad as if it was our own. From start to finish, we will handle it with care and let only highly trained technicians complete repairs on your device. No, it will not be me repairing your iPad :-)!

If you have any further questions, please contact me directly at!

Cheers, Troy

The day after Christmas is always interesting.

Hello friends,

Did you get to take any time off for the holidays? While not everyone celebrates Christmas…hopefully you were able to get together with family and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Maybe that time is this upcoming weekend?

We spent some significant time with one another here at Mission Repair – that’s for sure! First, on Saturday the 21st, I hosted a party at my house. Yes, this was a huge “blowout” with catering and a live band – and for sure it was one of the parties that we’re going to talk about for a while.



We are still talking about the “end of the night” hijinks. It was a memorable night! Then on Monday December 23rd, we reserved a “train car” for the Kansas City Mystery Train dinner theater- and all had a blast! The actors run up and down the aisles for 4 courses until someone solves the “whodunnit” mystery.  This time, it was my very own Dandra that cracked the case.  It’s a lot of fun and the group really got into it as several of the employees played supporting roles and did a great job!


So there you have it – just as promised last week – a few select pics from the Mission Repair festivities.  Now we’re back in the office and catching up from being closed for the last two days.  We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we are rejuvenated and rollin here at the Mission Repair Service Lab this morning.  Stay tuned for some more end of the year fun!

Take care, Ryan