Deal Of The Month: iPad Mini Glass Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

How about this wild weather that we are experiencing across the nation on this second week of December! While the Kansas City area didn’t get hit too hard, people from Texas to New York are feeling the chill of this winter storm! We want everyone out there to stay safe, warm and to know that we feel your pain.

Nothing warms me up more than the thought of saving some cash. I admit it, I can be pretty cheap at times. While I am not an extreme couponer, I do make it a point to look up deals or coupons before every online purchase. Why not some some cash if companies are just handing it out? Well, that is what this company is doing for iPad Mini owners in the month of December! Through December, we are giving you $20.00 off our iPad Mini glass repair services!

Cracked iPad Mini.  Can Mission Repair fix this?

Cracked iPad Mini. Can Mission Repair fix this? Uhhh, heck yes we can! 

It is now only $119 to have your iPad Mini Glass replaced! Such a great price cannot be ignored for long! Now, I am not saying go out and drop your iPad Mini intentionally, just so we can repair it for you :-). However, with this price, you might want to consider ordering this service and putting it in your back pocket just incase.

Click here: iPad Mini Glass Repair Service – Black if you have a black iPad Mini and here: iPad Mini Glass Repair Service – White for the white version. Add the repair service to your cart and let us take it from there! We will have your iPad Mini repaired and back in your hands in no time!

Cheers, Troy


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