So what’s happening today? I’m starting to get a little nervous.

Hello friends-

How are your public speaking skills? I pride myself on being able to hold my own, and I typically enjoy public speaking. I got an A in speech class in High School – Amador Valley High in Pleasanton, California class of “it’s a secret“!

I remember that my final speech – for the big grade – I talked about “werewolves”. Yes, that’s right. I thought that if I picked a topic that was fresh and new and maybe even slightly “odd” that it would keep my audiences’ attention and I would be off to a good start.

It worked.


In college, my topic was “motor oil” in my public speaking class which wasn’t nearly as exciting!

Today, I have been invited to a local High School here in the Kansas City area to give a motivational speech on “What it’s like to be an Entrepreneur”. I happily agreed and booked the spot several months ago. Well my speech is today and I’m going to be honest, I’m getting a little nervous. The teacher that I’ve been working with called me yesterday and said that the speech was moved from the library to the auditorium. That took the anxiety level up a few notches! “Do you want a podium?” She asked. I thought to myself “What am I going to do with a podium?” Ha! I think I’ll do better just walking around and improvising with the group. I’m hoping to get them to interact with me and understand that I’m an OK and non-intimidating guy.

Well, I’ll report back with some pictures and maybe even a snippet or two from the speech. Wish me luck, you know High School students will either love ya or hate ya. I’m hoping not to get eaten alive 😉 If I take the rest of the day off – don’t judge me.

Until then, have a great Tuesday and remember that Mission Repair is here to help. I’ll try to help these kids, and my business is here to try to help you.

Take care,


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