Broken iPhone 5C screen? We repair that too!

Hello Again M:R Nation – 

The iPhone 5C is awesome. Within a matter of days of its release, we had one in our hands with the privilege to repair it. This allowed us to do our R&D on this particular phone a lot earlier than we thought we would. So what does that mean? It means that we are able to announce the repair services a lot quicker than normal!

Today, we are excited to announce the iPhone 5C Front Glass Screen Repair service! I know, it sounds a little soon for someone to crack their screen, but unfortunately, its not :-(. We have had many folks request this service with breath holding breakage stories that we couldn’t do anything about until today! 

iphone 5 c screen repair


We will take your green, pink, blue, yellow, white or whatever color iPhone 5C that you own, remove the cracked mess that is a screen and replace it with a brand new screen. It is that simple!  There is no longer a need to power through a phone call because of broken glass…

iphone 5c screen repair


And the customer that owns the iPhone 5C that you see above, can now safely put the phone up to their ear without fear of an unwanted piercing! 

As always, call us at 866-638-8402, email us at, or LIVE CHAT in at if you have any questions on this or any service that we offer! 

Cheers, Troy





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