Terrifying Tuesday Video Blog – Part 2!

Hi again friends of Mission Repair – we are really having a great time this week. Now it’s time for you to get yourself involved and watch this video:

This was about 15 takes in because I kept on laughing. Ok so I admit it, we had a great laugh and most of the outtakes were because of me 😉 If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re taking life too seriously!

This is a fantastic time to get your device repaired – and receive a gift certificate for your next visit, or even to be given as a gift to a loved one!

Well, stay tuned for tomorrow’s special as we approach the festivities on Thursday. Until then, have a great day.


Terrifying Tuesday!

Hello M:R Nation –

Our spooky week continues here at Mission Repair and I gotta tell you, we are having a great time. No, you won’t see cauldrons bubbling with a witches brew when you walk into our Kansas City location, but you will see some awesome deals!

Yesterday, we saw an awesome turnout for our Monster Monday Coupon! We had no idea that so many of you liked to save that much money :-)!

TerrifyingTuesdayToday, we celebrate Terrifying Tuesday! This day will not be terrifying for you however. The only person that might be terrified today is Ryan, as we are handing out $15.00 gift certificates to everyone that places an order with Mission Repair! Yes, this is true! If you place an order with Mission Repair today, you will received a gift certificate to use on your next order with us!

We are giving away only 1500 of these, so if you are contemplating on waiting until tomorrow to get your repair started, you better think again! If you are an online customer, you will be emailed the gift certificate to your provided email address. You will have a special code provided to you and you will enter that in at check out to save $15.00!

If you are planning on coming by our location today, we will hand you a crisp, clean piece of paper that you can use… well in many ways:

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.47 AM

Like a mustache!

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.56 AM

A hat!

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.48 AM #3

Or a listening apparatus!

But your best option is to use it like cash, because that is the best way to describe what we are doing here! Giving you cash, for your next repair service!

P.S. Don’t tell Ryan, but I also “forgot” to disable yesterdays “Monster Monday” coupon, so if you do a little searching, you just might find yourself 20% off of your repair service today!

Cheers, Troy