The Maple Leaf Festival was a ton of fun!

Hi friends,

ZIP – Monday has FLOWN by here at Mission Repair. I looked at the clock when Melanie and Adam (who sit in the office next to mine) turned off their computers and headed out the door.

What?! It’s 5:00pm already? I haven’t even begun my first blog of the day yet. Sheesh I might be losing my touch; I’m going to work on it.


Last weekend we had our Deuce and a Half in the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, Kansas. It was a brisk Saturday morning as we packed up and headed out to get the rig ready for the mass of 75,000 parade goers that line the streets each October. We had 17 HUGE bags of candy to hand out (we’ve run out before that’s no fun), flipped on some “Vietnam Era” music and had a great time.


Above is a shot of the group (I’m behind the camera) just before the parade started. Left to right that’s Casey, Neal, Martha, Lennie, Jordyn, Michael, Baby Mason, Lexi, Derrick and Dandra in the back of the truck hiding in the camouflage!


Since I couldn’t stand it, I had to post a couple of pics of the cutest baby around. Here’s Derrick and his boy Mason up close sporting his very own custom Mission Repair tshirt! How cool is that!?!


Finally, one more shot with Mason who is ready for some action. Truth be told, he got to ride in a stroller and he actually fell asleep before the parade route was over. It’s good to be a toddler 😉 I’m going to start training him on iPad repairs next week…we’ll see how he does!

Ah, I’m just kidding. The technicians that we employ are all over the age of 18 even though they may act like children sometimes. You know who I’m talking about. Jake.

Well the parade was a lot of work like usual, but the reward is the packed front office all day today. We always meet a ton of new people and customers when we do these parades. It’s just part of the fun here at Mission Repair.

Have a good evening everyone- take care, Ryan

Nexus 7 Cracked Screen Repair!

Hello Nexus 7 Owners… and M:R Nation –

You are most likely visiting this page due to a Google search that you just completed. You might of searched for “nexus 7 cracked screen repair”, “nexus 7 screen repair” or even “nexus 7 replacement screen” and found this awesome blog post! We at Mission Repair know what you are going through at the moment.

You just dropped your Google Nexus 7, cracked the screen and are frantically trying to find a way to have it repaired or replaced! Let me start by saying that you have completed step 1:  you found Mission Repair!

Cracked Google Nexus 7, Broken Asus Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 with a Cracked Screen

Now lets talk about step 2: Deciding to send us your Nexus 7 for repair! Why should you choose us? Well here are a few reasons…

  • We are not two guys in our parents basement – We know everyone has to start somewhere, but there is a risk by taking your device to be repaired by someone who is most likely not practicing business legally. Come walk into our location 7 days a week to have your Nexus 7 repaired!
  • Dollar focused – We try very hard to always give the best prices. We are humans too and know that living is hard and making a living is even harder. We take this into consideration when setting a price on a repair service. If you search on  or coupon websites, you are bound to find some great coupon codes as well!
  • Our Warranties are among the best in the industry with a 1 year on all of our screen repairs and lifetime on our battery services!
  • People love us – A lot of our business is word of mouth and we work extremely hard for that! Our customer service is second to none and we treat each customer fairly!
  • Got Repair? This is a benefit unlike any other that you will see and its very simple. If you repair your iPhone with Mission Repair, you will NEVER have to pay full price to repair that screen on that iPhone again! In most cases, we are talking about a 40% decrease in price should you damage your screen again and the best part, its free!  You don’t have to pay a deductible, monthly dues and you are automatically signed up for this, just by using us as your repair center!
  • Quality Parts and service – When you use Mission Repair, you are receiving the best replacement parts and those parts are being installed by technicians that are professionally trained to do so!

Ok, on to step 3, getting the service ordered!

We make it very easy for you on this step. Simply click here: Google Nexus 7 (1st Gen) Front Glass Screen Repair Service to get started!

Choose your shipping and turn around options, send it in and you will have that cracked Google Nexus 7 screen repaired in no time! You also have the option of bringing it to our repair lab personally! We are in the Kansas City area, open Monday-Friday 8a-5p and Saturday-Sunday 10a-5p! Drop it off and come back within hours to a repaired Nexus 7!

Step 4: Start living your life like normal again!

Cheers, Troy

We Love “Likes”!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s no secret that Mission Repair is a huge fan of Facebook likes. We cherish each one that we receive and hope to fill up your news feeds with awesome tips and and great savings!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.10.31 PM

Come on 10K!

We are very close to a monumental achievement (by our standards). We are 741 likes away from reaching pure awesomeness! We think we are pretty cool as is, but this will just bring us up to the next level :-)! So please, call your kids, call your wife and call your husband, cause we are trying to reach 10,000 likes up in here!

I think we will reach it this week with just a little help from our blog readers! So please, click this link: FACEBOOK and help us reach this achievement!

Cheers, Troy