iPhone 5 Cracked Glass Repair = Huge Success!

Hello M:R Nation –

What more can we say about the iPhone 5? It’s awesome, it’s slick, it’s beautiful and unfortunately for it’s owners (myself included) it’s fragile…

But we can’t really hold that against the iPhone 5. Every smartphone that you come by nowadays is basically one giant sheet of glass and when you drop a sheet of glass, it usually shatters…It’s science :-)!

Over the past year, Mission Repair has had the privilege of completing thousands of iPhone 5 repair services! From cracked glass to broken dock connectors, we have seen it all, and we don’t see this ending anytime soon, because the iPhone 5 is another one of those epic smartphones that people will continue to repair, instead of replacing.


iPhone + Gravity = ^

Though Mission Repair offers services for every component on the iPhone 5, the most frequent issue we have come through our repair lab is the dreaded cracked glass issue. We see it day in and day out and unfortunately have first hand experience with our own devices. Just take Ryan (The Owner) for example, he happened to crack his glass during the first week of the iPhone 5 being out! Now that is bad news. Luckily, he knows a couple of blokes that fixed it right up for him and sent him on his way.

We offer the iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) and iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (White) at the low price of $134.00 and will have it repaired and back into your hands faster than you might think. We offer great warranties and the industry only “Got Repair” benefit that has saved thousands of our customers from paying full price after damaging their device again.

Those are just a couple of reasons that your search for a repair company should stop now. You have found your match right here at Mission Repair! If you have any further questions or need more convincing, please call us (866-638-8402), email us (sales@missionrepair.com) or live chat us…We’d love to talk to you!

Cheers, Troy