Cracked iPad 2 Glass…Again!

Hello M:R Nation –

When you crack the glass on your iPad, it is a shocking experience. You never expect it and when it happens, your first action is almost always to price out a brand new replacement.

I have now experienced this three times with my son’s iPad 2! However, there is an interesting twist to this latest screen cracking story. After hours of interrogation, I have come to find that it was not his fault after all. It was the fault of the other “adult” 🙂 that that lives at our home, Sarah, my wife.


3rd time’s a charm?

Luckily, I didn’t send his iPad out to test one of our competitors, I decided to stick with the home team on this one and chose our: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – White! Why was it so lucky? Two words, “Got Repair”! This is now the second time that I didn’t have to pay full price to re-repair this family treasure piece. With GotRepair, I am able to pay a much discounted rate to have my same device repaired a second, third, fourth or hundredth time! For more information on this, click this link: Got Repair Benefit!

So I guess you can call this post a review and a testament to the services we provide here at Mission Repair. I know that I’m a little biased, but my repair is always done quickly and I have benefited from using “US” many time now. Also, don’t ever assume that something can’t be repaired and has to be replaced. Just take a deep breath and do some quick research, you just might be surprised!

Cheers, Troy!

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