Cracked HTC Droid DNA Screen?

Well, in 24 hours you won’t!  

Hello again M:R Nation – 

We have had many people benefit from our HTC Droid DNA Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair service over the last month. So we wanted to make sure that all of you Droid DNA owners have us on speed dial or bookmarked, just incase something happens…

This phone is pretty huge, so when/if you ever drop it, there is a good chance that the “glass and digitizer” will crack. Luckily, when we complete a repair service on the Droid DNA, we actually replace the whole assembly!  So if you do crack the glass/digitizer, or the LCD screen, we have you covered!


If you are reading this post, it most likely means you are ready for a repair. So if you have your finger on the trigger for this service, look around and you just might find a special coupon code to help you save some cash today!

 If you are shopping around, just know that Mission Repair will take care of you and treat your device with respect along our whole repair process.  

If you are just researching what you would IF you ever dropped your Droid DNA, keep our number handy and give us a call at 866-638-8402 we will be here all week :-)! 

Cheers, Troy

Cracked iPad 2 Glass…Again!

Hello M:R Nation –

When you crack the glass on your iPad, it is a shocking experience. You never expect it and when it happens, your first action is almost always to price out a brand new replacement.

I have now experienced this three times with my son’s iPad 2! However, there is an interesting twist to this latest screen cracking story. After hours of interrogation, I have come to find that it was not his fault after all. It was the fault of the other “adult” 🙂 that that lives at our home, Sarah, my wife.


3rd time’s a charm?

Luckily, I didn’t send his iPad out to test one of our competitors, I decided to stick with the home team on this one and chose our: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – White! Why was it so lucky? Two words, “Got Repair”! This is now the second time that I didn’t have to pay full price to re-repair this family treasure piece. With GotRepair, I am able to pay a much discounted rate to have my same device repaired a second, third, fourth or hundredth time! For more information on this, click this link: Got Repair Benefit!

So I guess you can call this post a review and a testament to the services we provide here at Mission Repair. I know that I’m a little biased, but my repair is always done quickly and I have benefited from using “US” many time now. Also, don’t ever assume that something can’t be repaired and has to be replaced. Just take a deep breath and do some quick research, you just might be surprised!

Cheers, Troy!

Columbus Day Coupon!

Hello M:R Nation –

1492 was a long time ago, but here we find ourselves hundreds of years later still celebrating it. It’s a pretty intriguing thought that most of what you see today in North America is due to one mans willingness to discover a new world and/or maybe a little treasure 🙂

So in typical Mission Repair fashion, we are going to celebrate this Holiday with an awesome coupon to save our customers some pesetas! For today only, save an extra 15% when you are ordering your awesome repair service from Mission:Repair! Use coupon code: “newworld” at check out and you will receive that savings instantly!

Cheers, Troy