iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair Now Only $59.00!

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Hello iPod Touch 4 Owners –

We have a great price to announce today that will greatly benefit you! Whether you have owned your iPod Touch 4 from day one or have been the beneficiary of an awesome hand-me-down, you can image how hard it is to live without it by your side. You take it on trips, hikes, walks, to the shower, and it is what wakes you up in the morning. You take all of your family photos on it and even use it to order pizza online. We understand how integral of a tool it actually is!

Broken Touch 4

It is our goal at Mission:Repair to keep this tool in good working order for as long as humanly possible and save you a few bucks along the way. Today, we have decided to work a little harder on the  “save you a few bucks” part!  We have lower the…

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Macbook Pro With A Cracked RETINA DISPLAY?

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No Problem!

Hello M:R Nation, The 15″ and 13″ MacBook Pros with RETINA DISPLAY are the cream of the crop, the Ferrari, the…well… Apple of the Laptops computers. If you have ever seen one up close, you know that they are one of the most beautiful designed pieces of hardware ever created. While I don’t currently use one (I’m going for this new “Don’t buy EVERYTHING Apple releases diet) I see them come through our tech benches on a daily basis. While its safe to say that we have yet so see anything naturally fail on these computers, the older they become, the more likely that is a possibility. Unfortunately, user related damage and failure is another story completely.

The majority of the issues we see with this computer are screen related. Sure, we will often see coffee spilt on the key board, I/O functions going haywire and logic boards frying…

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