LG Voyager Smartphone repairs now available!

Hello friends in the repair universe!

I know that the LG Voyager was released some time ago, but we’ve received enough requests for the screen repair that we just had to add it. So without further delay, we are now repairing the LG VX10000 Voyager slide phone! I think that’s why it’s still popular, people like the “actual” keyboard that is hidden under the screen…


We’ve got the parts in stock and we’re ready for the install. It’s just a simple $49 screen repair, or you can buy LG Voyager Screen the part outright (if you’d like to to the repair yourself) for just $39.99 if you’d like to do the work at your location!

Ok then, we’ll be back soon with more goodies for everyone to share!

Take care, Ryan

Xbox 360 repairs are stacking up on the tech benches!

Hi there again folks,

I just talked with my tech supervisor Jake, who is an expert on everything Xbox repair related, and was observing the quality of service that we are providing.

I’m here to tell you that Mission Repair is second to none on these units!


Here’s Jake repairing the drive from an Xbox 360 Slim console – that’s right we can repair components within the drive itself and get the unit back to action. Which means that your downtime is minimal and less expensive that other options!

So just when you think your Xbox “bit the dust”, call Mission Repair. The number is in the header of this page. We’ll be happy to take your device and make it right.

Have a good morning – Ryan

Chromebooks – wow, the world needed this repair service!

Hello friends,

We are starting to receive a ton of Samsung Chromebooks come through our repair center. What’s a Chromebook you ask?

A Chromebook is a personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on the machine itself. This makes the unit affordable, lightweight, and very portable. Many schools are using these laptops and issuing 1 to 1 programs to students.


We here at Mission Repair are offering Chromebook repairs to our school contracts as well as to the general public. The most common issue (like most devices) is our very popular screen repair service, but we can repair and replace logic boards as well – so even if you get your Chromebook wet – you should send it into Mission Repair for help!

So when I was writing this blog- the Chrome icon above reminded me of something…something from my past. Something from my childhood. Then it hit me; I’ve seen this before somewhere – this is what I was thinking about:


I mean, the resemblance is uncanny. Look at the similarities. I wonder if the Simon game was the beginnings of the internet and we just didn’t know it?! Or did Google just like the Simon colors?

Well we may never know ūüėČ Kudos to you if you ever owned a Simon game back in the 80’s. Heck, I might even try to find one on eBay right now…

Ok, take care, I’m going to leave you with that for now.

Best, Ryan

Apple Logic Board Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

Do you know what a logic board is? Well, if you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Laptop, You have a logic board and that component is susceptible to failure for many reasons. Before we go into what those failures might be, lets take a look at what a logic board actually does!

The logic board (also known as the “Mother board”) is a printed circuit board (PCB) that holds the crucial components of your device. It usually houses the processors (that make your device think), memory, and connectors for¬†peripherals such as your LCD screen, Input functions like a touch screen or mouse and keyboard, data storage and many other things. The size and capability of the logic board depends on the device itself and what it was created to do. It is a very important component that makes your iDevice what it is, AWESOME!

So you can imagine that if a component this important started to go haywire, your experience with that device would be less than ideal. But what would cause your logic board to act up or worst, die?

  • Liquid Exposure
  • Overheating
  • Charging Overload
  • Dropped Device
  • Repair Gone Awry

While many other things can occur to cause a logic board failure, the aforementioned list shows you what we see on a daily basis unfortunately. Allow me to go into a little more detail on each of these issues that can cause logic board failure.

Liquid Exposure is pure evil to electronic components of any kind. When you drop your iPhone in a pool, there is a slim chance that it is coming out alive. There is an instant consequence of the iPhone logic board sorting out and a more drawn out consequence of corrosion. Corrosion will eat the logic board up overtime, even to a point of an unrepairable state. Overheating can occur when you leave your device in a car on a hot day, if you let it sit directly in sunlight, put it in an oven or simply because it naturally failed from the factory.

A Charging Overload often happens when you use a cheap charger or the charger that came with your device has gone bad. We have also seen lightning strikes cause this. It simply singes your logic board and renders is unusable. When dealing with a Dropped Device you may only see a cracked screen or dented case, but we will also see damaged components on the logic board such broken capacitors, solder points and connecters. When a Repair has Gone Awry, the worst result of that is a cracked logic board.  When a crack occurs, we are usually have no cure for that.

So what is someone with a possible logic board issue to do? Give Mission Repair a call! We are able to diagnosis and fix most logic board related issues! We can clean your liquid exposure, cure the over heated iPhone, repair the broken iPad memory chip, and clean up most issues caused by shaky hands and a failed repair job :-).

We have worked for years to perfect¬†our repair processes and we will be able to revive your device for a fraction of the cost that a brand new one! So please, don’t throw away that iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac, let us repair it and save you come cash!

Cheers, Troy