Federal Government Employee Special!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are now on day 3 of a government shutdown that is delaying paychecks for over 800,000 federal government employees. Democrat or Republican, I think we can all agree that this just sucks. While we at Mission:Repair follow this and most government issues closely (a must do for a small business), I will refrain from going any further into my personal opinion on the matter. Instead, we want to extend special pricing to federal government employees.

While I understand your first reaction to not having a paycheck is probably not going out and spending money, however, it is a fact that repairing something usually will cost you less than replacing something. So we would like to give any federal government employee a 20% discount off their entire order! This is a discount on labor, parts and shipping! better yet, I will have this discount available until our leadership gets their act together and I will extend it for a month past that day. So when you do decide to have your device(s) repaired and when you actually have the paycheck you deserve in hand, you can still benefit from this special!

One more thing, we are also making this available to any military personnel as well. We understand you are thankfully still collecting your paychecks, but you also deserve this. So how do you receive this discount? It’s easy, simply email troy@missionrepair.com and I will provide you with a discount code and you can use it at will. If you are wanting to visit out Kansas City location, just let our customer service staff know that you are a federal government employee or Military and you will save an instant 20% as well!

Oh, I almost forgot, we are also running a Congress Special as well! Use coupon “isitthathard?” and receive a double charge for your repair service. I mean, you can afford right? You are still collecting a paycheck while 800,000 voters are forced to file unemployment. #goodluckin2014

Cheers, Troy

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