Web Wednesday Winner ANNOUNCED! Also – take a look at this new special!

Hi Friends, and Happy Halloween!

It’s October 31, 2013 and if you saw yesterday’s video blog, you’ll be watching for today’s video blog to post! Well wait no longer…here you go. And the winner from Yesterday’s Web Wednesday Giveaway is:

Wow, and we are giving away FREE repairs today. You heard right in the video – every 31st order that we receive today, we will wipe all of the charges from the invoice and perform the service for FREE. We are starting at 12:01am from very early this morning and running until 12PM Midnight tonight. On every 31st order placed in this 24 hour window we will remove ALL OF THE CHARGES to celebrate our week of Halloween specials!

What’s better than a Snickers bar from the neighbor’s house? A free iPhone repair from Mission Repair. Or an iPad repair. Or a computer repair. Or a Galaxy SIII repair. Well- I need to stop somewhere. ANY REPAIR THAT WE OFFER is the point!

No tricks here ….only treats. Have a safe Halloween and watch tomorrow for the winners of today’s trick or Treat special!

Take care, Ryan

Spooky Tid-Bit!!


Technological Geniuses!

That is what I like to call myself anyways! This weeks Tech Tid-Bit is going to be a little different than last weeks. I wanted to have a little bit of fun since I am all in the Halloween spirit here at Mission Repair.  I always look forward to this time of year. Getting to see all the new creations people construct for their costumes just blows my mind sometimes! So to keep this weeks blog entry somewhat about Technology and somewhat about Halloween I went searching for some cool costume ideas. I stumbled upon one of the most ingenious ideas yet. Welcome the real life pulsing flesh wound!!



I found out that the man who created this idea was once a NASA employee. I actually downloaded the application that he created off the App Store and I am planning on using one of his awesome real life images! Now back to the technology part. You can simply use your iPhone, Android, or iPad. All you do is cut a whole in your shirt to display the image you want to use. He does offer some pretty cool accessories to go with this App as well. I may just have to check those out! If you plan on using your own accessories there is a chance for costume failure and that iPhone, iPad, or Android device may just slip out and hit the ground. Good thing you won’t have to worry about getting it fixed! Give us a call! We will get you taken care of right away!! Until next week techies! Happy Halloween!!



Trick Or Treat Thursday!

Happy Halloween M:R Nation!

We are on the last day of our SPOOKY week here at Mission Repair and we are going to end it with a bang! We have decided to do something that we have never done before… With our ‘Trick Or Treat Thursday”, you won’t be receiving any tricks from us! In fact, we will be giving the sweetest treat that we have ever given out to a few lucky customers! We will be handing out our services for free! No need to rub your eyes here, the word FREE is in fact what you just read.

Until midnight, you have the chance to come away with this 100% free repair service. That means the parts, labor, shipping and whatever else that you order from Missionrepair.com will be yours at no cost! If you happen to just order a part or accessory, you too have the chance to come away with it for free!



So how is this going to work? Just do what you came to Mission Repair to do, place an order for your repair and let destiny take over! For every 31st order placed with us, that customer will receive that order for free in the way of a FULL refund! It is that simple. I know I’m a little late on getting this special posted, and since this morning, we already have 5 people that will be receiving free repair services! So please, give yourself a chance for a free repair and get your order in by midnight!

Also, there is no value limit set here. So if you have a broken Retina Macbook Pro screen or a simple battery issue on your iPhone 5, you will pay nothing!

We will be announcing the winners tomorrow on our daily video blog, so stayed tuned to see if you will be receiving that repair service for free!

Cheers, Troy

Web Wednesday Special Video Blog!

Hello friends-

We have an AMAZING giveaway today!! Check out this video blog for some information and then visit our recent blog post to see the details.

We will announce the winner in tomorrow’s “Trick or Treat” video blog so make sure to place your order by Midnight tonight (Wednesday October 30, 2013) and check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won today’s prize!!

Take care, Ryan

WEB Wednesday!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s day 3 of our spooky week here at Mission Repair and today we have something amazing up our sleeves! Today is going to make our Monster Monday and Terrifying Tuesday specials that were out of this world, seem pale in comparison. If you decide to become a Mission Repair customer today, you will have the chance to win something so cool, that it is going to take the next whole paragraph to describe it.

Today on this “WEB WEDNESDAY” we will be giving away a Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook! If you have ever wanted a web focused device to keep around your office or home, this is the device to have! The  Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook comes with 2GB of memory, 16GB of storage, High definition LED screen, and a 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos 5! I have personally used one of these chromebooks and I only have great things to say about it!

WebWednesday To win this awesome machine, all you have to do is place an order with us today, October 30th, 2013 before midnight at www.missionrepair.com and you will be entered to win. It’s that simple! So if you have been waiting to repair that broken iPad Mini or iPhone 5, this is the ideal time to do so! Even if you don’t have a broken electronic device, we have many accessories for your enjoyment, so there is a way for you to win this awesome prize as well!

The winner will be announced tomorrow on our daily video blog entry, so make sure you come back to claim your Chromebook!

Cheers, Troy