Lowest price on iPod Touch 4 Screen repairs- blowing the competiton out of the water!

Good morning everyone, all I can say is “wow”.

I know that Troy just posted an entry on the iPod Touch 4 LCD and Glass Screen Repair – and it’s one of our most popular repairs – touting a new lower price on this repair…and it’s the lowest to date!

You don't need to live with this!

You don’t need to live with this!

It’s true, we are always trying to market in new ways, offer special deals and generally staying on top of our pricing as we can. This is no different, but I’m just truly excited to bring this new price to our customers. In fact, our sales today are popping off the charts as well…the word is already spreading.

I understand that Mission Repair brings value to you, “when you need us” – if you don’t have a cracked screen, chances are you’re not going to place an order with us. It makes sense. But take it from me, we are approaching 200,000 repairs at Mission Repair over the last several years and a cracked screen can happen in an instant. Just remember that there are options for those unfortunate customers and we want to be there for you if it happens to you.

OK, back to these telephones. While typing this blog my cell phone rang twice and my land line has 3 new messages. Does it ever stop? Not really…but it sure does make the days fly by!

Have a good Wednesday, Ryan

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