Who’s ready for some football? Will you be watching this weekend?

Hello Mission Repair blog fans (and football fans!) –

It’s a nerve wracking weekend here at our sister company down the street and we just had to brag a little bit about it… Mission Survivor is sponsoring the weekly NFL Pregame show here in Kansas City…and the first commercial will happen just minutes before the Chiefs game on Sunday! Here’s what has been running for the last couple of weeks to get the anticipation up:

What does this mean for you? We want all of our Mission Repair blog readers to have a chance to participate too. Watch the video and sign up (from anywhere in the country!) and pick your weekly winners and you could win one of 18 Mission Survivor Gift Certificates! We are hoping to really generate some more traffic at the Mission Survivor headquarters, I’m trying to overload Melanie and Adam that work up front. Since our sales have been off the charts already in September that means that Derrick and Leon in shipping will have their hands full…but I know that I can push them to their limits for a bit longer 😉

That seems fair, right?

Ok, we are looking to hire 2 new employees in the very near future, but for now sit back, relax and get your football season started. Are there any Broncos fans out there? If you’re one, I bet you’re pretty happy today, right? Ol’ Manning can still throw the ball!

OK, we’re almost at closing time here at Mission Repair…have a great weekend but remember that we’re open Saturday and Sunday if you need us!

Best, Ryan

New Service: Nokia Lumia 810 Front Glass Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Nokia Lumia 810 is a great device. It has everything that a person could ask for in their smartphone. A decent sized internal storage, AMOLED Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and a smoking fast Snapdragon chipset. People love this phone, buy this phone and unfortunately, drop this phone. We have a service to announce today that will certainly help with that last part.

When a smartphone is dropped, the first thing to usually break is the glass screen. This is something we know all too well from personal and professional experience. In fact, we started offering this service because one of our sales staff had a busted screen and called in a favor. After researching the device, sourcing the part and experimenting/mastering their Nokia 810, we decided to add it to the line up full time!

You can order this service starting today by clicking on this link: Nokia Lumia 810 Front Glass Screen Repair if you are unsure about what is going on with your Nokia Lumia 810, we are also offering a diagnostic service which you can order here: Nokia Lumia 810 Free Diagnostic Service.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 866-638-8402 or email sales@missionrepair.com!

Cheers, Troy