Case Of The Mondays (Mission Repair Accessory Review)!

Hello M:R Nation –

It is Monday and that can only mean one thing…accessory reviews! Ok, so we have actually never done an accessory review on a Monday, but from here on out, you can expect them like clock work!

Today, we are taking a look at the Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air in the metal  slate color. Let me start by saying I use personally use this case, but in black. It is a new addition since receiving my iPhone 5 back from Apple and I gotta tell you, I really like it.

For the longest time, I have been a self proclaimed “Purest”. I have gone case-less and if you would take one look my iPhone (pre-replacement) you could tell. I had many scratched, nicks and gouges in the back case and plenty of marks on the screen. Once I received my replacement iPhone, I couldn’t put it through that hell again. It just looks too nice.







The Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air gives me “the purest” exactly what I need. It is paper thin, feels great in my hand and even replicates the chamfered edge that I love so much. It comes with a screen protector, shammy and 3 “jelly bean” home button protectors. The one downside to this case is something I actually caused. I took the phone out of the case so many times, I actually stretched it slightly, so the phone wiggles around a bit. Other than that, this case is perfect for me.

Of course, everyone is not looking for the same qualities that I am when it comes to a case, so let me outline what you are getting:

  • light weight
  • thin
  • simular texture 
  • chamfered edge
  • slate color
  • limited protection

This case is available right here: Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air and if you are looking for any other accessories for your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet, is the place to be!

Cheers, Troy

My iPhone 5 Is No Longer Broken…And No Longer Mine!

Hello M:R Nation –

Earlier last week I wrote about my broken iPhone 5 and the dismal state it was in. Luckily, my iPhone 5 was still warranty and I was able to request service from Apple for the issues. I had mentioned in that post that I would talk about my experience and so here I go.

After receiving the box from Apple, I was faced with quite a conundrum… what am I going to use for a phone while I am waiting? Well, I ignored the question until about 4:45pm, because at 5:00pm Fedex would be knocking on the door to pick up all of our daily packages. I was in a panic and did what any respectable man would do in this situation… beg his boss to borrow his old iPhone 3GS for a few days.

Picture Perfect!

Picture Perfect!

With the 3GS in hand, I wrapped up my iPhone 5, packaged it in the provided box and sent it away. All was well, but I had to get creative with my sim card situation. I had a nano sim card. This would not fit in the large sim slot of the iPhone 3GS. I had to take a large sim card, trace the nano sim pattern onto it and cut that section out. From there, I fit in the nano sim and SUCCESS! I was back in the game of digital life.

I have to tell you, I understand that the iPhone 3GS in not that old, but going back to it really made me miss my iPhone 5. It has made me think twice before complaining about the battery life…which I do on a daily basis.

So I pained though the slow processing power and horrible resolution of the iPhone 3GS ( which is only that way because I am used to the 5) for about two days until a package was delivered to me from Apple. What I received was no shock. Apple had completely replaced my phone. It was scratch-less, glowing and beautiful, but just not MY phone. Being in the business that I’m in, I have come to learn that there is a certain sentimental value that personal devices brings and I just experienced it first hand. I remember every drop, every scratch and every picture taken with that phone and I kind of miss it.

Overall, I am happy with my in warranty service experience. It was kind of hard to get it started, but once I was able to order the box, it went off without a hitch. As you can see in the above photo, the iPhone 5 takes perfect pictures and life is good once again! If I ever have an in warranty issue, Apple is the place to take it. If its out of warranty Mission Repair is the only choice :-)!

P.S. The battery life is still horrible on this replacement.

Cheers, Troy

Our “Got Repair” Benefit Is Reaching New Heights!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have hit a momentous number at Mission Repair and that number is 5,000. We have been able to save over 5,000 people some hard earned cash with our Got Repair program in a little over 1.5 years!  What is our “Got Repair program”? Its as simple as this: If you have your broken device repaired with Mission Repair, you will never pay full price for the same repair on the same device again!

You already know your iPhone or iPad is not all that durable.  You just saw it crack before your very eyes. So if you have it repaired, you know full and well that you have a chance of damaging it again.

Imagine walking into a repair center, having your iPod Touch screen repaired, dropping it on the way out and re-cracking the screen. This has actually happened and this is where the Got Repair program comes into play. That customer had to pay just a fraction of what they just paid to have it re-repaired. Of course we offered if up for free in this instance (we felt bad) but the customer declined and paid the Got Repair price.



With that explanation of the Got Repair program, look at this number one more time…5,000! There have been over 5,000 people that know, not only can you drop and crack your device once, but twice, if not three times! So why not cover yourself here? We are not talking insurance, we are talking a massive discount, just for being our customer. There is no deductible, no paper work and no extra charge. It comes automatically with your Mission Repair service!

Keep in mind, we are talking about physical damage here. You already have awesome warranty coverage with Mission Repair, but add on to that accidental damage. Its the very reason we are called the intelligent choice by many people. It just makes sense choosing Mission Repair for your repair needs. Got Repair is attached to each one of our services, so you can bet we have you covered on whatever you need repaired!

So, here’s to another 5,000 customers that we can help save time, money and sanity with!

Cheers, Troy

Umm…Are You Ready For Some Football 2013 Edition

Hello M:R Nation

I have been unable to hide my excitement around the office for the last couple of days! This happens around the end of August each year. The weather becomes mild, the people of the world become a little nicer and something we in America like to call FOOTBALL, comes back to life! This is an awesome time of the year for us because we have just signed up for a huge campaign of advertising which will be focusing on the Kansas City Chiefs Pre Game show.

In fact, we have several campaigns running now, but the best part is that there are several new commercials being produced as we speak. This means that the fun is about to begin with new creative coming to a television near you!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Now this brings a whole new spin to our fandom. We now have a business relationship with the professional football team that we have both cheered for and rooted against for years. It should be an interesting season to say the least.

We all have our teams that we love. It might be college, pro or even a semi-pro team and I find it very interesting how high our expectations are for the teams that we are fanatics of. So for fun, lets get a poll going. The question is: How will do you expect your team to do this season? I can tell you mine right now. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will go undefeated and win the College National Championship…at some point in the next 100 years 🙂

Cheers, Troy

Mission Repair “Hump Day” Special!

Hello M:R Nation –

It is a beautiful and sunny Wednesday here at Mission Repair and we are receiving a wonderful treat from Mother Nature in the form of the mildest summer I have ever seen in these parts. We are seeing lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s! I don’t know about you, but I want to be outside at the moment.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.46.04 AM

To celebrate this wonderful weather and the fact that we are now at the gateway to the weekend, I have decided to do an awesome 1 DAY ONLY 15% off special! This will be a perfect time to get your Macbook Air or iPad 2 repaired once and for all!

The special will be in the form of a coupon code that you can obtain by simply emailing and asking for the “Hump Day” coupon code. We will respond with the code and from there, enter it in at check out and enjoy!

Cheers, Troy