Case Of The Mondays (Mission Repair Accessory Review)!

Hello M:R Nation –

It is Monday and that can only mean one thing…accessory reviews! Ok, so we have actually never done an accessory review on a Monday, but from here on out, you can expect them like clock work!

Today, we are taking a look at the Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air in the metal  slate color. Let me start by saying I use personally use this case, but in black. It is a new addition since receiving my iPhone 5 back from Apple and I gotta tell you, I really like it.

For the longest time, I have been a self proclaimed “Purest”. I have gone case-less and if you would take one look my iPhone (pre-replacement) you could tell. I had many scratched, nicks and gouges in the back case and plenty of marks on the screen. Once I received my replacement iPhone, I couldn’t put it through that hell again. It just looks too nice.







The Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air gives me “the purest” exactly what I need. It is paper thin, feels great in my hand and even replicates the chamfered edge that I love so much. It comes with a screen protector, shammy and 3 “jelly bean” home button protectors. The one downside to this case is something I actually caused. I took the phone out of the case so many times, I actually stretched it slightly, so the phone wiggles around a bit. Other than that, this case is perfect for me.

Of course, everyone is not looking for the same qualities that I am when it comes to a case, so let me outline what you are getting:

  • light weight
  • thin
  • simular texture 
  • chamfered edge
  • slate color
  • limited protection

This case is available right here: Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case Ultra Thin Air and if you are looking for any other accessories for your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet, is the place to be!

Cheers, Troy

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