Umm…Are You Ready For Some Football 2013 Edition

Hello M:R Nation

I have been unable to hide my excitement around the office for the last couple of days! This happens around the end of August each year. The weather becomes mild, the people of the world become a little nicer and something we in America like to call FOOTBALL, comes back to life! This is an awesome time of the year for us because we have just signed up for a huge campaign of advertising which will be focusing on the Kansas City Chiefs Pre Game show.

In fact, we have several campaigns running now, but the best part is that there are several new commercials being produced as we speak. This means that the fun is about to begin with new creative coming to a television near you!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Now this brings a whole new spin to our fandom. We now have a business relationship with the professional football team that we have both cheered for and rooted against for years. It should be an interesting season to say the least.

We all have our teams that we love. It might be college, pro or even a semi-pro team and I find it very interesting how high our expectations are for the teams that we are fanatics of. So for fun, lets get a poll going. The question is: How will do you expect your team to do this season? I can tell you mine right now. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will go undefeated and win the College National Championship…at some point in the next 100 years 🙂

Cheers, Troy

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