Back To School With Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s that time of year once again. Vacations have been had, sun burns are healing and you’re making trips to the store for 3 ring binders. Parents are celebrating. Kids are lamenting. College students are readying their books and teachers are breaking out the old lesson plans to finish up before the ring of that first school bell.

Something else that this time of year brings, is a hasty need to get a computer, tablet or other device repaired before school starts. Parents, kids, college students and teachers alike are in this same situation across the country. We know this because we receive your calls :-). This can really put a damper on the last few great days of summer you have left.


We at Mission Repair know this time all too well. Many of our spouses are teachers, many of us have children returning to school and we even have a few folks going back to college, just like you. So we understand the stress and expense that this time of year can bring. Because of that, we have decided to cook up a little “Back To School” coupon to help your sanity and wallet!

This is a 13% discount that is good for your entire order! If you have a broken Macbook Pro Screen, smashed iPad Mini glass, cracked iPhone 5 screen assembly or any other gamut of damage possible on any device you might have, this code is sure to save you cash!

The code is very simple, just type in school13 during the check-out process in the box that looks like this:

Coupon Box

You will see the savings instantly reflected! This coupon is active starting right not and will be so until August 30th, 2013! So on behalf of Mission Repair, please enjoy this savings and your last few days of summer!

Cheers, Troy

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