Deal Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

With Memorial Day behind us and hints of an emerging summer all around, we at Mission Repair are readying ourselves for the summer rush! Kids are finally done with school, schools are finally done with kids, and parents are once again pulling their hair out ;-)…

During the summer, schools take this time to repair all of those broken devices that have accumulated from the previous year. Parents are put to the task of safeguarding their and their children’s devices from dreaded drops and swimming pools and Mission Repair likes to reinstate our famous Deal Of The Week!

What is our “Famous Deal Of the Week”? It’s very simple, every week we choose a popular service and discount it heavily. This is a huge help to parents out there and we couldn’t be happier to do it!

What Is The Deal?

This weeks “Deal Of The Week” includes two of our all time top services, the 4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass & LCD Repair and 4th Gen iPod Touch WHITE Front Glass & LCD Repair! We have taken 22% off the top, making this service only $69.00 for a limited time! So what changes with this “cheaper” service? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We will use the same quality parts, same top notch speed and take the same care we take when completing a repair at “regular price”. Lets just say this is our way of saying “Welcome to Summer”!

So with that, I have many emails and other form of messages to catch up on. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their short weeks and I will talk you again soon!

Cheers, Troy