Brownie + Peanut Butter Cup + Cookie = The End Of My Day

Hello M:R Nation – 

We have a great people employed at Mission Repair. One person in particular goes by the name of Jackie. She is able to light up every room that she walks into. But she has a dark side. I don’t know how she discovered that my kryptonite was sweet food, but she has effectively ended my work day. This morning, she brought in a pan that consisted of my 3 favorite things. Brownies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cookies. 


Warning: Approach With Extreme Caution!

Warning: Approach With Extreme Caution!

When I walked by this pan, I had no chance of denying myself of its goodness. It had me at hello…As you can see, this post has nothing to do with a Macbook, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S III. Its just a simple reminder to never trust your co-workers 😉

p.s. Email me at if you are interested in this recipe. I’ll try to pry it from her hands! 

Cheers, Troy

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