“Obsolete”? Not At Mission Repair!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

There is news in the blogosphere that Apple is close to deeming the Original iPhone an obsolete model. The date is set for June 11th which means after this date, you can no longer call or bring your Original iPhone to Apple for support. The usual support shelf life for devices from Apple is 5 years. So it looks like the Original iPhone outlasted this term for a whole year, but alas, it has met its fate.

This news is a little heart wrenching for me to hear. Maybe it reminds me of how old I’m getting or how fast time flies by. I remember when the Original iPhone was first announced…Followed by its release and the subsequent birth of the Apple waiting line. Like it was yesterday, I can still remember heading team that was responsible to figure out how to repair beautiful creations. Let me tell you, that was an interesting task…To this day, the Original iPhone is still the hardest to open Apple product ever created!

Look At This Beautiful Creation!

Now that I am done strolling down memory lane, let me finally make the point I originally came to make. We at Mission Repair consider nothing obsolete. From the 12″ G4 Powerbook (Yeah, remember that one?) to the Original iPhone, we still service these and will continue to do so forever! We live in a world where technology moves faster than the average human budget, so to stop offering services like these is to stop supporting our fellow man and this we cannot do. I understand the reason behind the¬†obsoletion of aging devices on the part of Apple, but you just won’t see that here at Mission Repair!

p.s. When the iPhone 5 goes obsolete, we will still have you covered;-)!

Cheers, Troy