Should I Repair My Cracked iPad 2 Glass?

Hello M:R Nation –

The iPad 2 remains to be one our top sellers here at Mission Repair. We actually have a dedicated team of iPad 2 repair technicians that eat, sleep and breath the iPad 2. This is the same team that we have introduced our lovely iPad Mini Glass service to in recent days. They welcome the challenge of the never ending flow of iPad 2 and now iPad Mini repairs.

Why are there so many iPad 2 repairs? I think the question should actually be: Why are there still so many iPad 2s in general? The answer is simple…There is no “I gotta have it” difference between the iPad  2 and it’s two successors.When my 4 year old son cracked the screen on “his” iPad 2, I seriously considered buying “The New iPad”. After going to the Apple store and taking it for a test drive, I really didn’t notice a difference. In fact, there was no difference at all. Now I understand the speed increases generated by the successors, but it was and is not enough of a difference for me to replace the whole thing. So I decided to go the repair route.

Welcome Our New Billboard Star!

Welcome Our New Billboard Star!

I find that many people go through the same natural progression as I did when deciding to fix their iPad. We receive calls on a daily basis of people asking “Is it worth repairing my iPad 2” and say emphatically, YES! It will cost you $129.00 to repair your iPad 2 with Mission Repair. This is apposed to replacing the whole iPad which will at least cost you $499! You get to keep your data, settings and bedazzled back casing that you so covet ;-). So, to sum it up… I think we see so many iPad 2 repairs because people are just smart. They have taken to Mission Repairs “Repair Don’t Replace” motto and are never looking back!

With that, I would love to announce the new star of our Mission Repair 2013 billboard…The iPad 2!… or is it “The New iPad” ?…Maybe the “iPad With Retina Display”? I will let you try to come up with that answer on your own.

p.s. – To get started on your very own iPad 2 glass repair, you can click here: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – Black or here: iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – White

Cheers, Troy