Is That An iPad Stuck In Your Bumper?

Hello M:R Nation –

I recently washed my wife’s car before heading out on a road trip and this happened to be the worst thing I could of done.  Once we arrived to our destination, it was dirtier than ever before! Bugs just seem to be attracted to a clean car. I now understand this rule in life and will never make this mistake again.

Now, imagine going out for a drive and returning home with an iPad sticking out of your bumper! Of course, that sounds ludicrous. That could never happen! Well… take a look at the picture below and reconsider everything that you thought was possible in life.

iPad stuck in bumper

This story is all over the internet today and I can’t resist retelling it. In short, a woman in Georgia went out to run a few errands when she noticed an item flying towards her car. She heard nothing hit and thought nothing of it. When she arrived home, not thinking there was a remote possibility of an iPad sticking out of her bumper, she parked her car and went inside as any normal human being would. Only when her father arrived did she find out where the flying object landed.

This is a pretty surprising location for this iPad to land but it’s not uncommon for an iPad to be left on a car and launched when the car takes off. It just like the old “Leave the coffee on top of the car and drive away” scene that you see in movies, TV and real life. This just happens to be a bit more expensive than that cup of Starbucks. We hear of this accident at least once a month.

Giving the rarity and epic landing of this iPad, I would love to be involved in helping that iPad owner get their beloved device back into shape. If you are out there iPad owner, shoot me an email at and let me see what I can do for you!

Cheers, Troy

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