The truth about the iPad Mini Screen Repair. Plus more iPad mini breakthroughs.

Hello folks,

We are on a roll here at Mission Repair. We’ve solved the dreaded “iPad Mini” issue. What issue is that you might ask? To cut to the point: until recently parts were simply not available in the market to replace a cracked glass.

Q: What’s the number one requested repair on the iPad Mini?
A: Cracked glass replacement.

Cracked iPad Mini.  Can Mission Repair fix this?

Cracked iPad Mini. Can Mission Repair fix this?

We’ve had a huge backlog of customers that have called in to have their iPad mini repaired – Mission Repair is known for replacing cracked glass on iPads and just about every other handheld device in the market for customers all over the country. Why should the iPad Mini be any different of a repair?

When the iPad Mini came out, it was a simple matter of time before we received our first call for service (in fact it was the same day they were released, this is happening more and more lately) and we didn’t have a viable, consistent solution for repair.

Yesterday, we announced that stock was available, albeit in limited quantity. We were able to fulfill our waiting list and take orders. That was yesterday.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have improved our process, procured the right equipment and can now perform some of the assembly that these devices need BEFORE they can be repaired.

Clearly, Mission Repair has the goods.

Clearly, Mission Repair has the goods.

For those techies that are interested in the details: let me take a step back and say that the screens have been available for some time. They just didn’t work when you swapped one of them onto an iPad Mini because there’s an IC chip that is soldered onto the ribbon cable of each digitizer, and to date it’s been next to impossible to buy these screens with the chip installed. I’ll say it again: the chip is soldered onto a ribbon cable. For those of you that can solder, you know that even getting close to a cable with your soldering iron will put a hole straight through it and you will ruin a perfectly good piece of glass.

Today, we have perfected the impossible. We can buy replacement screens that have the “chipless” cable installed, remove the IC from a damaged unit then install the IC onto a new piece of glass and complete the repair.

What does that mean? The impossible is now possible, and we are taking orders for dealers across the country that need us to help with iPad Mini glass repairs. I think that we’ve stumbled across another first in the industry and you can bet that this discovery will drive down our price on the iPad Mini glass repair.

Have a great day, Ryan