Happy anniversary Mission Repair! Coupon code inside!

Hello everyone and happy-post-Easter yo you!

It’s April 1st – and as there are likely a lot of April’s Fools pranks being pulled around the country, it’s also time to celebrate another Mission Repair Anniversary.


What’s it like running a business year after year? Well, I can honestly tell you that I’m still learning something new every day while growing and adding value to the business as it accelerates. I often get asked “how big is Mission Repair?”. Well, I guard a lot of that business information carefully as the sole owner, but I’ll tell you that we have now occupied 4 buildings in our business complex which puts us as the majority occupants. This means that it’s almost time to purchase a new building so we can keep up with the growth a demand, and quite frankly we need more parking space!

Today is a time for me personally to reflect on the life as an owner / operator and enjoy what can be accomplished with a ton of hard work.

What can you enjoy?

We are are receiving in a ton of local walk in business and actually when I popped into the business on Saturday there was a line wrapped out the front door of people waiting to either drop off or pickup from us. It was a sight to see.

So for today, I have a special coupon code for every walk in customer that we will apply to each order as delivered today. Stop on by for extra savings when you use Mission Repair, and while you’re at it, ask for a piece of anniversary cake, it’s amazing!

Have a great day everyone.