Sweet 16 Special!

Hello M:R Nation –

The sweet 16 officially starts tomorrow and like any place of employment, we at Mission Repair are running our own bracket competition. From what I’m hearing, most people have had their brackets ruined due to some major upsets over the last week. We are mostly made up of KU and KState fans as both colleges are a shortish drive away from the Mission Repair headquarters and if I am going to be honest, KU is the team that I’m rooting for.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in college basketball, but I do enjoy watching it towards the end of the season like this. Just like baseball, you won’t catch me watching until the World Series. Call me a bandwagon sports fan if you need :-).


What lack in college basketball knowledge, I make up for in “saving you cash” knowledge. Whether you are in need of a iphone 4 glass replacementnexus 7 screen repair or even  a nokia lumia 920 glass replacement repairing is always the better route. It not only helps the environment, it will without a doubt save you some of your hard earned cash. With that, I would also like to extend a special Sweet 16 coupon code that will save you drumroll please…..16% off your entire purchase! You do have to do a little work to obtain this savings though. Email me at Troy@missionrepair.com and say “Save me 16%!”,I will then respond with the code for your savings pleasure! This offer expires on 3/31/13.

I wish all of you a great Wednesday!

Cheers, Troy