New Service: Amazon Kindle Fire Battery Replacement!

Hello M:R Nation –

Have you ever found your Amazon Kindle Fire to be lacking in the battery life department? Over a period of about 2 years, a battery can start to become complacent in its task of keeping your device going. You will notice that it takes much longer to charge up and in some cases, it doesn’t even charge to its full capacity. Guess what, the Kindle Fire is about 2 years old! This puts it right in that range for the battery to start losing it intended power ability.

Kindle Fire battery, Kindle Fire battery replacement

Do you see that huge black square? Thats your battery!

We are now starting to hear this often of the Kindle Fire here at Mission Repair and that is how this newest service came to be. Kindle Fire owners want their original battery life back and Mission repair is going to give it to them! Starting today, I am pleased to announce the Kindle Fire Battery Replacement Service! With this service, we will get your battery life back up to full capacity and away you go!

Yes, it is that simple. We won’t hound on you for more money down the road, we won’t try to up-sell you once we have it and we won’t keep it hostage for a long period of time because we don’t have the part. We are fully stocked and ready to repair!

Oh, I almost forgot the icing on this cake…The Lifetime Battery Warranty! Once you have your Kindle Fire Battery replaced by Mission Repair, we will support that battery for the life of your device. Just another reason to chose Mission Repair for your Amazon Kindle Fire battery replacement needs.

Cheers, Troy

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    Remember, Mission Repair is now replacing Kindle Fire batteries!

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