Who’s your favorite repair center? Mission Repair is!

Hi there everyone. We’re bracing for the snow that’s about to fall. We are expecting 6-10 inches over the next 24 hours and that’s enough to get some people riled up. Not us, we are holding on like troopers and we will be open and repairing tomorrow (unless we can’t get to work that is). Wish us luck!

I have a feeling that our normal 9 am deliveries from FedEx might be a little late, so this will give us a chance to blog about the 15 new services that we added this week.

What a beautiful device.  When the screen isn't cracked!

What a beautiful device. When the screen isn’t cracked!

I’m ready to share one of them right now! We are now repairing the Samsung Galaxy Note II (Verizon Version) at Mission Repair, and we have glass panels in stock ready for installation. That’s right, we can fix the Galaxy Note II glass if it’s cracked on your unit!

There’s no reason to live with it like that. We have the expertise and parts in stock (not to mention the best price anywhere) for the repair, so never fear – we can get it done tomorrow!

Unless we are snowed out of the office that is 😉

Well, you’ll hear from us one way or the other about the impending snow storm, but since most of us have 4 wheel drive vehicles in the Kansas City area, driving in snow isn’t new to us. We’ll be back soon!!

Have a good night, Ryan

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