Happy Presidents Day (coupon inside)!

Hello M:R Nation –

Today is Presidents Day. A day that honors the birth of one of our founding fathers and the 1st President of the United States, George Washington. Did you know that the Government doesn’t call it “Presidents Day”? The official name of today is “Washington’s Birthday”.

Cool right? There are plenty of awesome facts out there like this. It just takes a little bit of  time, Google and a hunger for somewhat useless knowledge.


So to celebrate this day we call “Presidents Day”, I have decided to declare savings all around! I have created a coupon code for all of our loyal Mission:Repair Blog readers! The code is washington15 and it is good for a whooping 15% off of your entire order! What a great savings on an iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair or even a Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair. This coupon will be valid until 2/20/13 so act fast!

Cheers, Troy

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