iPad glass repair special blowout. Want to see something that will shock you?

Hello folks,

We are in the middle of a serious “price slashing” at Mission Repair. We just procured a huge quantity of iPad glass for the Original iPad, the iPad 2, the New iPad (iPad 3) and the iPad with Retina display…and we’re passing the savings onto you.

For example, we are now repairing the original iPad with cracked glass (FULL SERVICE!) for just $129 installed! That parts, labor, warranty and the Mission Repair TRIPLE CHECK guarantee.

This is the LOWEST price on the Internet. Just so you know, some of our competition will see this price drop and then try to match us – but it’s just not that easy when it comes to duplicating the value that each customer receives from Mission Repair. We know that price plays a big role in the decision making process when choosing a repair center, but when you use Mission Repair, you’ll also get (at no additional charge):

  • 24 hour turnaround. However in most cases, it’ll be repaired and shipped back the same day it’s received.
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty on the part and labor.
  • Our exclusive GOT REPAIR benefit, that means if you ever crack or damage your glass again, just call us and we will fix it again under our amazing program!
  • FREE shipping back to your doorstep. This isn’t just “toss it in the mail” shipping either. It’s FedEx shipping that insured and will also require a signature upon arrival so your repaired device isn’t going to get lost or stolen!
  • Triple check Quality Control. Your device will be pre-tested before repair, repaired and tested, then tested for Quality Assurance before being sent back to you. That’s our TRIPLE CHECK guarantee that it’ll be sent out repaired and repaired correctly!
  • Don’t forget that Mission Repair has been awarded the Top Ten Reviews GOLD AWARD and AWARD for EXCELLENCE as the best iPhone repair website on the Internet. We are in the business of repair and we are here to take care of our customers. We are excited about this deal and happy to bring you the best pricing and value for your money on the Internet. It brings a smile to my face, and that’s a good thing. I want to bring a smile to yours as well 😉

    Also, if you’d like us to send you a box to pickup your iPad, that’s not a problem! Check out a quick movie about our packaging here:

    Have a great Thursday afternoon everyone. Let us know if you have any questions – customer service representatives are standing by! 866-638-8402.


    Nook Color Screen Repair? Yeah, We Do That!

    Hello M:R Nation –

    Did you know that we service the Barns & Noble Nook Color? Yes its true! We have had many success stories over the last year with this service and I wanted to share our latest story with you if you don’t mind.

    Dear Mission Repair,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the amazing job you did on my nook! I was nervous to send it off, but I am sure glad I did. Not only did you guys communicate with me through the whole process (which put me as ease), but you had it repaired and back to me in a matter of days! I tried to take it to a local store and they wouldn’t be able to have it repaired for 2 weeks because they didn’t have the part. I will recommend you to all of my friends and enemies alike! 

    p.s. one more big THANK YOU! 

    Alice in New York

    Nook Color repair, Mission Repair, Cracked nook screen

    Nook Color Repaired!

    Don’t take it from me, take it from Alice in New York, we will have your Nook Color repaired and back in your hands in no time. When repairing the Nook Color screen for you, not only do we replace the LCD and Glass, we also throw on a brand new bezel as well. So if you have any pesky scratches that you can’t stand to look at, don’t worry… we will take care of it for you!

    If you are interested in finding out more information on this service or are ready to have us repair it for you, click this link: Nook Color Front Glass Screen Repair Service and enjoy! As always, give us a call at 866-638-8402 if you have any questions and let us try make you as happy as Alice in New York!

    Cheers, Troy

    Notice: the notable Note 2 is noteworthy too.

    Hello folks,

    Whew. It too me a minute to come up with that title. Did it get your attention? 🙂

    We are excited to bring you a full line of Samsung Galaxy Note II services and repairs. We have the parts in stock to get you back in business fast!! I have to admit, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is an amazing device. I’m really impressed by it! I have a buddy that works at Samsung and I was able to get a sneak peak at this device before it released, I think it’s here to stay!

    Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.34.23 AM

    We have the glass and digitizers (and other parts) for the Sprint and AT&T models, white and grey versions. Why live with a cracked screen when Mission Repair is using OEM parts that we buy with a 1 year warranty? Watch out for other repair centers that tout “New screens”. Make sure you’re getting a factory, OEM screen and not a “copy” – some repair centers are not providing you with a factory repair!

    Mission Repair is proud to offer new OEM parts. It’s part of process here at Mission Repair and it’s what our customers deserve.

    Take care, and let us know if we can help you out. Call 866-638-8402 for service assistance!

    Best, Ryan

    Samsung Galaxy Note II T-Mobile Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

    Hello Again M:R Nation!

    Yes, this is yet another Samsung Galaxy Note II announcement! This time around we are talking about the T-Mobile  Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those of you that have T-Mobile as a carrier, this one is for you!

    Believe it or not, each one of these Samsung Galaxy note II’s are different on the inside depending on the carrier. This is why we have so many offerings on this one smart phone. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note II and have found your way to this post, but don’t have the T-Mobile version, have no fear. Here: Samsung Galaxy Note II Services is a link to the other Note II services that we offer. Your specific carrier should be among list.

    We have screen replacement service available for both the grey and white versions of the T-Mobile Note II.To get your order stared, here is a link to the grey version: Samsung Galaxy Note II T-Mobile (grey) Glass and LCD Screen Repair and here for the white version: Samsung Galaxy Note II T-Mobile (white) Glass and LCD Screen Repair. As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 866-638-8402 or email Sales@missionrepair.com!

    Cheers, Troy

    Snowmageddon part 2, but we are open!

    Hello everyone, it’s been an incredible 7 days with our winter’s worth of snow packing into 2 large storms.

    Last week, winter storm “Q” really unleashed a pile of snow on the Kansas City and Midwest area that crippled us for a day. Then last night, winter storm “Rocky” was predicted to drop another 15″ of snow, but frankly, it was a huge letdown in that case. In fact, we are open today and rolling out repairs so our customers can get back in business as soon as possible! In fact, we’ve already received walk-in customers today, so it’s been a busy morning at Mission Repair so far!

    However, Fedex has warned us that we will not have a normal pickup that afternoon, but we can still drop off packages to the station. . .which we will do. Risky you might ask? Not when I’m going to drive the Mission Repair M35a2 full of packages to the FedEx hub!

    With a license plate "NVRSTUK" we will make it to drop off those packages!

    With a license plate “NVRSTUK” we will make it to drop off those packages!

    OK, so taking the Deuce out was for just a little bit of fun 😉

    We are unleashing our own storm here at Mission Repair and adding a ton of new services as we speak. We will back at the blogging here today, and watch the presswire for other announcements. Stay tuned, and stay warm!

    Take care, Ryan