Kindle Fire Deal Of The Week (1 more day to save!)

Hello M:R Nation –

January 18th is just a day away and there are 2 news worthy events happening. First, tomorrow the IRS starts processing tax returns. For those of you early birds that will be receiving money back, congrats! Paying too much into something is not always bad ­čśë More importantly, tomorrow is the last day to benefit from the extra savings Mission Repair is providing on the┬áKindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!


Now, I know its tempting to wait until you receive your tax return to order this service, but there is no telling when this deal will come around again. Its like Halley’s Comet it might not come around for another 75 years! So, here is a direct link to the Kindle Fire Glass Service :┬áKindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service! Go ahead, you know you want to some green backs.

Cheers, Troy