Superbowl Commercial, iPod Touch Repair And The Bonsai Update!

Happy Monday M:R Nation –

Well, I am happy to say its been over a month since my post on the Bonsai and it is still living! This is a big deal for me. I have mastered the art of keeping human children alive, but when it comes to plants, I’m in a little over my head. I think its safe to say that I am well on my way to a green thumb! I have yet to start trimming it, but I will be studying this very soon and hopefully master the art!



In other news, we have been working on some major projects here at Mission:Repair over the last 14 days of January. Some projects that you benefit greatly from and some that you will never hear about.

One of these that you will hear and most likely see is our 2013 Super Bowl Commercial! Now, I know I am a little early discussing this, but I just can’t keep my mouth shut because of the excitement! Production of commercial(s) are almost complete and and we will be viewing them for approval any day now! If I can, I will try to talk Ryan into a sneak peek right here on the Mission:Repair Blog! If you missed last years commercials, here is a link to view 2012 commercials .

One last tidbit of information to mention before you go. The 4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass & LCD Repair continues to be a favorite service here at Mission Repair. Its incredible sleek and thin design is what has driven MANY people to purchase it over the last year. Unfortunately, with this design, comes a damaging consequence when dropped. While I have no advice on how to not to drop, sit on, step on or shut your iPod Touch 4 in the car door… I do have some very good advice on what to do as a reaction… Call us at Mission:Repair ( 866-638-8402)! We have a wonderfully trained staff that will help you every step along the way.

I hope you have enjoyed the updates and advice. Until we meet again!

Cheers, Troy

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